Earn Rewards for Taking Strides to be Healthier

Posted on Aug 27th 2020 by Florida Blue

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No doubt these are challenging times, and chances are you’ve had to make changes to your daily routine.

Better You Strides is our online health and wellness program that gives everyone on your plan who’s 18 and older an opportunity to earn rewards for completing a variety of health and wellness activities.

If you purchased an Affordable Care Act individual health plan for you and your family, each covered adult age 18 and older can earn up to $500 toward the premium by completing health and wellness activities through Better You Strides.*

You can earn a $250 reward right away for completing your personal health assessment, which takes about 15 minutes. The assessment will help identify activities and programs to help you achieve your health goals. Choose five other activities from a variety of self-guided, wellness activities, videos and quizzes to complete at your own pace to earn more rewards. You’ll earn a $50 reward toward your monthly premium for each one you complete.

Better You Strides is also available to those who get coverage through their job. Rewards vary, so talk to you benefits manager about the details of your program.  

Getting started on the road to rewards is easy. If you’re new to Better You Strides, your first step is to register by logging into your account on floridablue.com. Click on Better You Strides, read and accept the terms of service and choose your communications preferences. You can also do this on the Florida Blue app by clicking on Wellness, then Better You Strides.

You’ll get suggestions for health and wellness activities, including videos and quizzes, to complete. Topics include healthy snacking, planning meals and managing stress. When you finish one program, you’ll get suggestions for the next one.

You can also track your progress by connecting your wearable devices through the AlwaysOn app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Earning rewards and improving your health has never been so easy. Cheers to your health!



*You could be eligible for a gift card if the earned reward amount is greater than your annual premium. The maximum amount of the gift card is $500 per contract. 

Florida Blue has entered into an arrangement with Onlife to provide Florida Blue members with care decision support services, information and other services. 

Please remember that all decisions that require or pertain to independent professional medical/clinical judgment or training or the need for medical services, are solely your responsibility and the responsibility of your physicians and other health care providers. The programs mentioned above are subject to change. 

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