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Posted on Jan 21st 2020 by Florida Blue

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Life can get hectic juggling your job, family and other obligations. Before you know it, you’re skipping breakfast because you’re late for work, grabbing fast-food for dinner after your child’s soccer game and passing on exercising in the evening because you’re too tired.

You tell yourself you’ll cook a healthy dinner and make time to exercise tomorrow. But that doesn’t always happen. Before long, you’re one of 86 million adults who may be prediabetic, without even knowing it.

Without a lifestyle change, you can develop Type 2 diabetes or other health issues. Left unchecked, diabetes can lead to issues like heart disease, blindness, stroke and kidney disease.

Introducing our 2020 healthy living program

Making the necessary lifestyle changes can be difficult, especially if you try it on your own. Our healthy living program can help get you back on track to living a healthier life. You’ll be there with others who are looking for guidance, motivation and support.

Take this short quiz to see if you’re eligible for the program, for which there is no additional cost. If you are eligible, you can take part in person or online—whatever works best for you. Those who attend classes in person will receive a Fitbit, while those online get a digital scale.

Classes begin March 3 at 13 Florida Blue Centers. Check here to find a center near you. Classes are also available at Weight Watchers retail locations and some YMCAs on the west coast of Florida from Tampa to Fort Myers.

Wherever you participate, you will learn life-changing information, such as:

  • A range of exercises for all fitness levels
  • Delicious diet tips to help keep your weight under control
  • How to develop healthy habits to lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Support and the chance to learn from others who want to get healthier

Get support from others who are working to make changes

Programs like this are a great source of support, because you’re with people who can relate to the same health issues and concerns that you have, said Dr. Kelli Wells, senior medical director for medical affairs at Florida Blue. They want to make changes and will push you to do the same.

“People start challenging each other and they celebrate weight loss goals and dietary changes,” she said.

You’ll learn that trying small changes can make a big difference. Maybe it’s parking in the back of the lot at work so you’ll get in more steps. You can follow that up by taking the stairs at the office instead of the elevator.

Maybe you decide to replace one fast-food meal a week with a healthy alternative that you prepared. A week or so later, it becomes two meals a week.

It’s those small steps that can lead to lasting changes. So, let’s get started. Check here to see if you’re eligible for the program and get started making healthy changes in your life.

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