Teachers Who Make Learning Fun and Interesting

Posted on Oct 15th 2018 by David Pizzo

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Teachers played a very influential part of my life during elementary school. Whether it was my uncle, who was a teacher and taught me many of life’s lessons when I was away from school after my parents’ divorced or it was the teachers who led my classroom, they were significant figures in my life.

Two that really stand out are my fourth-grade teachers Ms. Alfonso and Mr. Patrillo. As students, we would spend time in each of their classrooms, and I remember extraordinary synergy between them in their teaching styles. Because of the way they worked together, I learned far more about reading and storytelling that year.

They were two teachers that really cared about their students and making education fun and interesting. I believe that’s an essential part of being a great teacher. In addition to being knowledgeable about the subject matter, great teachers have a strong interest in truly helping students learn.

Teaching is far more than a job. It’s devoting your life to caring about your students, and it’s definitely not easy. They show empathy for what their students are going through, they spend extra time with those who may be struggling, and they help those with extra abilities excel.

One of the most important things my teachers did growing up was teach me skills that go far beyond book knowledge. They taught us how to build comradery with the entire class of students, how to work together, and how to share responsibility. They instilled in us skills that would be essential to succeed in life and future careers.

This is the sixth in a series of blogs sharing Florida Blue’s appreciation for our state’s teachers, who not only educate but also provide guidance and inspiration to our next generation. Florida Blue is a proud supporter of Florida’s Teacher of the Year program, which honors and recognizes excellence in teaching, supports continued learning for all educators and highlights the importance and impact of the profession.

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David Pizzo

David Pizzo is Florida Blue’s Market President for West Florida. He is responsible for operations and local engagement in 14 counties ranging from Pasco and Hernando counties to Tampa Bay to Southwest Florida. Throughout his career, he has actively supported education including serving on the University of South Florida President’s Council Society and Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, St. Leo University College of Business Advisory Board; USF Muma College of Business Advisory Board and Eckerd College President’s Associates. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in pharmacy from Rutgers University and a Master’s of Business Administration in marketing and international business from NYU’s Stern Business School. 

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