Don’t Get Stuck Paying Your Whole Medical Bill—Check First!

Posted on Jun 6th 2018 by Florida Blue

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Have a partner who won’t stop snoring? Maybe your doctor has suggested participating in a sleep study. Before you get certain types of care, we ask your doctor to consult with our medical team to discuss and agree on the course of treatment. This helps be sure you’re getting the right care and to know that your procedure will be covered.

The kinds of treatments we want to work with your doctor on are listed at They include services like:

  • Advanced imaging, like MRI, CT and PET scans (ongoing)
  • Sleep studies, either at home or in a lab (ongoing)
  • Spine care, like neck or back injections and surgeries (ongoing)
  • Heart screenings, like an echocardiogram, angiogram and arterial ultrasound (starting July 9, 2018)
  • Hip and knee surgeries, like replacements, repairs and arthroscopic procedures (starting fall 2018)

Let Our Care Consultants Help

When you’re considering treatment options, our Care Consultants are standing by to help you:

  • Compare your options
  • Plan ahead to maximize your plan benefits
  • Feel more confident about your health care decisions

Our Care Consultants are health care professionals, like nurses. They can be reached at 888-476-2227.


If you’re not sure if your doctor has gotten approval, call us to find out.  Checking first could save you from getting an unexpected bill for the full amount afterward. And as always, you never need preapproval for an emergency situation.

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