Case Manager Was Guardian Angel for Woman in Pain

Posted on Oct 20th 2020 by Florida Blue

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Carole* was less than an hour away from getting surgery that would finally relieve the pain in her arm that had ached for nine months. That long-awaited day didn’t come easy. But at one point in the dark journey, she met someone who brought light to it. Carole met Lourdes, a case manager and registered nurse at Florida Blue.

Carole has a different title for Lourdes: her guardian angel. Someone Carole could always count on as she sought a diagnosis and pain relief from a condition that started in March 2019. That’s when Carole ended up in the hospital after her arm turned blue. Doctors found three clots from her upper arm to her neck. Carole was put on anticoagulant therapy, then sent home.

A month later, she was back in the hospital. That’s when she met Lourdes, who reached out to see how Carole was doing and how she could help. Lourdes became Carole’s ally and comforter.

“I told her on many occasions that I was afraid I was going to die,” Carole said. “And she reassured me she was not going to let that happen.”

In October, Carole finally got her diagnosis: She had a compressed vein and would need surgery to treat it. On the morning of her surgery, Carole was ready to put the nightmare behind her. But a new problem arose: The surgery would have to be postponed because there was no authorization.

Carole called Lourdes, who had gone into work early that day in case Carole encountered any problems. Within 10 minutes, Carole’s guardian angel had the issue straightened out and the surgery was back on.

Today, Carole is mostly symptom free and has her life back. She is grateful Lourdes was there for her, no matter what. “I remember times where I was on the phone crying to her,” Carole said. “And she always listened and never told me she had to go. … She never made me feel she was too busy or that I wasn’t important.”

That’s what guardian angels are for.


*Member’s name changed for privacy.

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