Boost Your Tech Knowledge With These Tips and Tools

Posted on May 8th 2020 by Florida Blue

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Technology can seem like it’s moving at lightning speed. New smartphones, constantly updated apps, wireless everything. It’s almost impossible to keep up. And for some, it can feel daunting.

But it also can be a valuable asset and a learnable skill. Whether you want to log in to your My Health Link account, video chat with your grandkids or complete an online workout, here are some resources to help you become more tech-savvy.

TechBoomers: TechBoomers ( is a website that helps you learn how to use popular and trusted websites and apps. It’s geared toward struggling or inexperienced internet users and features a variety of free courses and helpful articles that you can use.

Oasis Connections: Oasis Connections ( offers valuable online resources and free technology classes across the country.

Friends and Family: Sometimes, your best resources are your friends and loved ones. If you can ask for help from a grandchild or close friend who you know is good with technology. Even if you can’t talk in person, ask them to talk over the phone to try and help.

Get a device with a virtual digital assistant to help you: Devices with a virtual digital assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, can help you figure out how to do just about anything—and all you have to do is ask your device for help. Typically, you can use these devices to play music, call friends, keep track of appointments, and you can also ask them to look up directions for you. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual assistants like these, or you’re not sure which one will meet your needs, click here, to see a comparison of some popular virtual assistants.

We also have a few tips and tricks to help you use your member account.

  • Need to change the color on your screen to see better?
    Click on the word “Accessibility” in the top right corner of your screen on the Florida Blue Medicare website. This will let you change the color scheme for the whole page.
  • Need help because of a disability? We are here for you. Just email us at TTY users, please call 1-800-955-8770.
  • ¿Habla Español? Si hablas español, puedes ver tu cuenta de miembro y todo el contenido en nuestra página de Internet en español en cualquier momento. Haz clic en Español en la parte derecha de arriba de la pantalla. Siempre que desees podrás volver a la página en inglés. Solo sigue los mismos pasos: Haz clic en English para volver a la página en inglés.



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