Giving The Opportunity of Sight To Those In Need

Posted on Jun 20th 2019 by Marilu Cristina Flores

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As a mission-driven organization we have long advocated for supporting the communities we serve. We are proud to highlight members who live by the same dedication to serving those around us. Aysha Miskin is one of those members, a talented fine artist based in Jacksonville, FL.

Miskin was inspired by her own personal vision issues and contemplated how different her life would be without the gift of her glasses, which allow her to participate in the World. Many of us take our ability to see for granted, and these thoughts inspired the artist to give back to her community and help many in Northeast Florida who may not have access to vision care or the resources to purchase glasses or contact lenses.

Over the course of 100 days, Miskin hand-embroidered a unique eye on a 5” by 7” canvas, with the final count being 100 eyes created. “It took me 100 days. Each day I sewed one eye and timed myself. Just the sewing part of the project totaled at 28 hours. But I would estimate it was around 80 hours total with design time, stretching canvas, and setting up the show.”

“Vision and learning are closely connected. When kids struggle with vision, it affects their academic potential” says Miskin, “let’s give everyone an opportunity to see the delicate details in the world around them.”

As part of her “look at me” exhibition held on Saturday, June 15th Miskin helped raise over $700 for Vision is Priceless, a nonprofit that provides access to eye exams, prescription glasses and specialty care to the uninsured and underserved in Jacksonville.

You can learn more about Aysha Miskin by following her on Instagram where she features many of her whimsical pieces @ayshastar and also check out her website, she is also available via email at for custom and commissioned pieces.



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