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Posted on Sep 4th 2020 by Florida Blue

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You may not realize it, but there are things we do every day that help keep our communities and those around us safer. Whether it’s signaling a left turn on your way to the grocery store, buckling your child into their car seat before a trip or washing your hands before preparing a meal for friends and family, you have the power to make a difference.

And now, the need for everyday heroes like you is even stronger.

Wearing a mask and encouraging others to do the same can help significantly slow the spread of COVID-19. And when you wear a mask, you’re not just doing it for yourself. You’re doing it for your elderly neighbor, your friend who just had a baby, your mom who is battling breast cancer. You’re doing it for your community.

So, tell us why you wear a mask. We’re asking you to join our #GetMaskedFL conversation to help reinforce the importance of wearing a mask. Tell us why it’s important to you and who it helps in your life. You can upload pictures, videos and stories that show or explain why you wear a mask.

Here’s how it works

  1. Share your photo, video or story with the hashtag #GetMaskedFL on Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Through the end of the year, visit to share photos, videos and stories about why you wear a mask. Once there you can add to the conversation by clicking “Submit” in the top right corner of the screen. Next:
    • Select the type of entry you’d like to add: photo, video or story.
    • Fill in the rest of your info.
    • Complete the verification.
    • Hit “Submit.”

Check out Pat Geraghty, President and CEO of Florida Blue, discussing the #GetMaskedFL campaign and why wearing a mask is important to him. Check out the video here.

And don’t forget to follow the #GetMaskedFL conversation on our social media handles, @FLBlue on Twitter and @Florida.Blue on Instagram. Come join us. Your voice and images can help all of us support our community as we go forward safely together.

And visit our #GetMaskedFL wall to see some of your favorite photos.

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