Making Healthier Food Choices At The Stadium

Posted on Nov 17th 2016 by Marilu Cristina Flores

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Now that it’s fall in Florida, it’s cool outside, and all you sports lovers out there are getting together with friends and family and heading to the stadium to cheer on your favorite sports teams. All that rooting for your team can work up an appetite!

Hot dogs, nachos and burgers are often part of the stadium experience, and even the most strong-willed among us can struggle to say no to those greasy, oh-so-delicious bites. But did you know the average stadium meal contains more than 1,600 calories? That’s between two-thirds and three-quarters of the recommended daily allowance of calories according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

I use my fitness tracking device to make sure I walk 10,000 steps every day, and even at my moderate pace that burns only about 320 calories. The average person would have to walk over 50,000 steps—over 25 miles in one day—just to burn off this one meal. So what can you do? Know what to eat before you go so you can make better choices but still indulge without consuming a ton of unnecessary calories, saturated fat and sodium.

Choose white meat. Pick a grilled or barbequed chicken sandwich or a roast turkey breast sandwich over a hamburger. Want to cut out extra calories? Go open faced or swap out the bread for a lettuce wrap!

Make friends with veggies. Most stadiums now offer vegetarian- and vegan-friendly choices like a chopped salad or a black bean burger. Usually, these entrees pack lots of delicious flavor and spices and a fraction of the calories.

Limit portion size. Really want to indulge in a hot dog? Choose a regular-sized dog, and say no the foot-long version of this popular ballpark meal. Daily exercise (get those 10,000 steps in!), daily healthy meal choices (even at the stadium) and plenty of fresh water are key to a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Marilu Cristina Flores

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