7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health

Posted on Aug 17th 2016 by Florida Blue

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With ongoing changes in the health care industry it is important to take charge of your health and well-being. Patient engagement refers to the involvement and actions each person needs to take in order to get the most from the health care services available to them. The following is a recommended list of ways to be an active participant in your health care this coming year.

1. Check with your Benefits Coordinator or visit floridablue.com to find a doctor in your network. Be sure to see what hospitals they have privileges with when you're making your decision.

2. Pick a doctor that you feel comfortable talking to about all your health concerns.

3. Organize your health information with an online Personal Health Record from Florida Blue. Have access to your information from doctors, pharmacies and labs when you need it. Plus, you can send insurance claims directly to your online record. Take this information to medical appointments and share it with doctors.

4. Know what your health plan offers. Log in to your account at floridablue.com, or talk to your human resources representative to be sure you know what's covered.

5. Before your next doctor's visit, make a list of questions you've been wanting to ask.

6. Practice the following healthy behaviors to improve your health:

• Drink more water

• Increase your physical activity

• Eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats

• Eliminate tobacco and tobacco products

• Get enough sleep

7. If you're having trouble kicking unhealthy habits by yourself, reach out to a coach in the Next Steps Health Coaching program. It's free through your company, and you and the coach can work together to develop a wellness plan and set realistic, attainable goals.

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