Four Easy Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Posted on Dec 23rd 2020 by Sharon LaSure-Roy

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Lowering your holiday stress level should include lowering your expectations.  

Many of us find that it is a difficult task as we compare our decorating skills, or lack there of to those fabulous images on Pinterest, YouTube or our friends’ Facebook pages. But what are you to do, when you are hosting a holiday get together; people are dropping in and your in-laws decide to stay for a week or more?

Well, you start looking for ideas that will make your home a welcome oasis.  Soon, you are running around town, skipping lunch and trying to multitask your holidays and your family.  Who hasn’t enlisted their children to wrap presents, make cookies and my new favorite: making dinner.  I don’t mind having spaghetti or the occasional breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes are still delicious at 7:00 p.m especially when they are made by your teenager who usuaally stays as far as way from the kitchen as possible.

Yet, all of this hustle and bustle can become a little overwhelming, especially when you realize having a David Tutera celebration, maybe out of budget.  I mean not many of us have a team of designers.  I say the most important thing is to concentrate on what you do well and just do it.  It’s not always about keeping up with the Joneses; it’s about keeping up with you and the things that make the holidays special for you, your family and your friends. Here are a 4 decorating tips I will share to keep the holy in the holiday.

Four Easy Decorating tips:

Use what you have.  This keeps you from running around town at the last meinute. What great quality time you have when you pull out the decorations each year.  The laughter and the memories come flooding back when you try and remember where and when we got the golf Santa.

Borrow from friends and family.  My sister has gotten this down pretty good.  When she comes for Thanksgiving, she asks me what I am not using and she borrows.  Now, I must be honest, I let her borrow, because she is good at bringing all of the items back.

Pick a color scheme.  This works well for me for holiday tables.  It is less expensive and easy to stick to one palate.  It is also easier to focus when you have to shop; it keeps you from getting distracted by shiny things. And we know during this time, there are so many shiny things.  Lately I pick my color for the next year's holiday tree, so I can catch all of the after Christmas sales.  It is nice to have 10 ornaments of the same size on sale.

Take your time.  Rome was not built and a day, and decorating your house may take more than one day to do.  Just take a deep breath and know you will finish in enough time.  And if you don’t put the rest of it back in the closet and be done with it all. No one will ever know you never made the hand dipped honey and lavender candles that were supposed to go on the fireplace mantle. 

If you find you still need a little inspiration, please follow a few ideas on our Florida Blue Holiday Decorating Pinterest board.  I have included a few of my tables as well.


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