How to Stay Healthy: Get Your Wellness Checkup

Posted on Jan 23rd 2019 by Florida Blue

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Now that your new coverage is in place, start the year on the right foot by making an appointment for your checkup.

Your health plan may include one yearly checkup with your primary care doctor—and it’s the easiest way to start using your health plan. This visit is $0 if you purchased your own health coverage for you or your family, and it includes bloodwork and routine screenings like a colonoscopy or bone density test. If you have health coverage through your employer, be sure to check your benefits to confirm the cost before you make an appointment.

Seeing your doctor every year is a great way to keep tabs on your health: find out all the ways you’re doing great, and learn about ways to improve!

In case you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons to see your doctor every year. 


Bloodwork can reveal high cholesterol and prediabetes, which can be treated to prevent other health issues down the road. Your doctor can order other recommended tests like colonoscopies, pap smears and breast exams, and prostate exams based on your age and gender. A yearly checkup is also a good time to ask about updating your vaccines.


Measuring your height, weight and blood pressure each year gives your doctor a picture of how things are changing over time. Blood pressure that creeps up with each visit can take a toll on your heart, so it's important for your doctor to keep tabs on your numbers. If your height decreases, your doctor may screen for osteoporosis. If your weight changes too much (up or down), your doctor might look for other hidden problems.


Talk to your doctor about what's on your mind. Have you been feeling unusually sad lately? Are you worried about any health issue in particular? Has your doctor given you advice about how to improve and you're struggling to figure out how to do it? Use this time to work together with your doctor to feel better.


Update your records with anything important that's happened over the last year. Did a family member become seriously ill or die? This can help your doctor look for health patterns in your family, and together you can work toward a plan for healthy living.


We look in the mirror every day and see how we're doing on the outside, but only our doctor can give us a clear picture of how we're really doing on the inside. Having a yearly checkup can give you peace of mind, which leads to a healthier overall well-being!

So what are you waiting for? Make your appointment today!

  • Log in to your account at or on the app to confirm your primary care doctor selection.

  • Call your doctor to set up your yearly checkup.

  • See the specialists, hospitals and pharmacies that are part of your health plan.

  • Note: If you have a myBlue health plan, make your primary care doctor your first stop anytime you need care, including referrals to a specialist. Otherwise, you may have to pay the entire costs (except in an emergency). Read your plan details and know before you go.

If, during the visit, your doctor spots or treats a health condition or runs other tests, you might pay more. Talk to your doctor during the visit to stay informed. 

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