Medicare Advantage Plans

You have options when selecting the right Medicare Advantage plan for your needs.

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans give you prescription drug coverage and extra benefits like discount and reward programs. Some plans have a $0 premium.

Medicare Advantage HMO Plans from Florida Blue Medicare

Some people are comfortable having one doctor to coordinate their care with specialists and other health care providers.

  • You choose a primary care physician (PCP) to coordinate your medical needs.
  • With most plans you must use doctors, specialists, or hospitals in network, except in a few cases, like medical emergencies.
  • Our HMO DSNP Special Needs Plan is available to people who have both Medicare and Medicaid.

What does an HMO plan look like?

Medicare Advantage PPO Plans from Florida Blue Medicare

What if you want the savings of a provider network and the flexibility to see doctors outside the network?

  • A Medicare Advantage PPO plan lets you save with low out-of-pocket costs when you use in-network providers
  • You have the option to use health care providers out-of-network.
  • You don't need a referral for specialist visits


What does a PPO plan look like?

Monthly Plan Premiums No $0-$28.50, depending on your level of assistance Varies by Plan - $ - $
Medical deductible No No Varies by Plan - $ - $
Limits what you pay out-of-pocket for care each year Yes Yes Yes
Hospital Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Preventive Care Yes Yes Yes
Non-Emergency/Non Urgent Coverage outside of Florida No No Yes
Requires use of in-network providers Yes Yes No. Out-of-network providers generally cost more.
Requires you have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) Yes Yes No
Referral required for specialist visits Yes Yes No
ER and urgent care coverage
Yes Yes Yes
Transportation benefit
In Select Plans Yes No
Diagnostic testing and lab work coverage Yes Yes Yes
Rehabilitation and Mental Health coverage Yes Yes Yes
Durable Medical Equipment
Yes Yes Yes
Skilled Nursing Facility & Home Health coverage Yes Yes Yes
Dental Coverage Yes Yes In Select Plans
Vision Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Hearing Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Prescription Drug (Rx) Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Over The Counter (OTC) medication allowance
In Select Plans Yes In Select Plans
Includes Rx mail-order benefit Yes Yes Yes
Fitness benefit Yes Yes Yes
Meals-at-home program
No Yes No
Florida Blue Medicare Health Management Portal Yes Yes Yes
Member Rewards program
Yes Yes Yes

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