Muchas personas no tienen acceso a transportación, incluso para algo tan importante como acudir a una cita médica. De hecho, la Asociación Americana de Hospitales (American Hospital Association) menciona que hay 3.6 millones de personas en los Estados Unidos que pierden citas médicas cada año debido a la falta d [...]

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Florida Blue is working with Lyft, a transportation network, to offer Florida Blue members with Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual plans Lyft rides to their doctor’s visits. Having access to reliable transportation for medical appointments is a significant issue for health care consumers across the nation. In fact, millions of Americans miss medical appointments each year due to lack [...]

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Did you know that Florida is home to the third largest barrier reef system in the World? That’s right, right off our shores from Martin County to south of Key West lies the Florida Reef Tract. A spectacular ecosystem akin to a rainforest; that provides food and shelter to thousands of marine species –not to mention protects South Florida from damaging impacts of hurricanes. Reefs are an [...]

Last year’s flu season was one of the longest in the 40 years the government has been keeping track of the data. The season before was the deadliest, with about 80,000 people dying. And still, fewer than hal [...]

Maybe you’ve skipped your mammogram once or twice. There are good reasons not to. Regular mammograms have reduced breast cancer deaths by 40 percent since screening began in the mid-1980s, according to the American College of Radiology.  Mammograms arm you against breast cancer [...]

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