January 24, 2021

Imagine a group of doctors focused on helping you get well, stay well or manage an ongoing health condition. These doctors choose to be part of Value-Based Care programs and they work together for your overall health and peace of mind. What this can mean for you is:

  • Better coordination between doctors
  • Better control of chronic conditions
  • More preventive care
  • Fewer unnecessary services


Let’s look at few scenarios

You’re pretty healthy and want to stay that way: Your doctor helps ensure you have preventive screenings and immunizations, lowering your risk for more serious health issues down the road.

You have an ongoing condition, like diabetes or asthma: Your doctor is with you every step, taking care of your treatments and coaching you along the way.

You’re sick and not sure what to do: Simply call your doctor’s office. Your doctor will guide and support you, helping you to feel better faster.

You need hip or knee surgery: Your doctors coordinate care to manage your therapies and treatments, making it easier to get back on your feet.

We know your health needs change over time. You can expect more from Value-Based Care.

  • A primary care doctor to guide your health care journey to help prevent more serious medical conditions later in life.
  • A team that works with your other doctors to help ensure that you get the right care, at the right time.
  • Convenient care. Many doctors have same day appointments, after-hours care and electronic communications.


Why wait? Here’s how to find Value-Based Care providers near you:

To find one in Florida:

1.Log in to floridablue.com

2.Click on Tools then Find a Doctor & More

3.Choose Primary Care from Provider Type

4.By Programs, select Value Choice Provider from the drop-down menu

5.Click Search Now


If you’re outside Florida:

1.Log in to bcbs.com/find-a-doctor or call 800-810-2583

2.Click on In the United States

3.Enter your location and plan

4.Under Advanced Search, choose Total Care*

5.Click Search


*Value-Based Care providers are also known as Total Care providers.


We’re here to help.  If you need assistance, please call the number on the back of your member ID card.


Cheers to better health!


Value Choice Providers is a designation Florida Blue gives to some in-network providers.

Blue Distinction Total Care (“Total Care”) providers have met national criteria based on provider commitment to deliver value-based care to a population of Blue members. Total Care+ providers also met a goal of delivering quality care at a lower total cost relative to other providers in their area. Program details are displayed on www.bcbs.com. Individual outcomes may vary.