Jacksonville, Fla. - 28 de septiembre de 2022

$0 Teladoc visits available to anyone impacted by Hurricane Ian

Many urgent care and doctor’s offices are closing due to Hurricane Ian and may be slow to reopen if they incur damage. Florida Blue is working with Teladoc to offer no-cost, 24/7 telehealth visits for anyone impacted by the hurricane – even if they’re not a Florida Blue member.

Clinicians can help with non-emergency conditions such as allergies, cold, flu and sinus problems. They also can prescribe some medications that are not controlled substances.

Call the Teladoc hotline at 855-225-5032 for assistance.

The service is only for non-emergency situations. If you have a true emergency, please call 911.

Toll-free 24/7 bilingual emotional support helpline for all Floridians

The stress and anxiety of a hurricane can sometimes be overwhelming. Florida Blue teamed with Lucet to offer a toll-free 24/7 bilingual emotional support helpline at 833-848-1764 for anyone in Florida experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, trauma, and grief and in need of immediate emotional support.

Callers may also receive referrals to other sources of mental health support and community resources to help them with emergency services.

Community specialists help with community & social services

While Florida Blue Centers in the immediate path of Hurricane Ian are closed for in-person assistance, the Center teams are still available to support to Florida Blue members and the community by calling 877-352-5830.

If anyone needs assistance seeking shelter prior to the storm or recovery after the storm, Florida Blue Center Community Specialists can help with community and social services like food programs, transportation services, financial and housing assistance programs, community support resources, and many other types of relief programs.

They’re ready to help by phone or through a virtual visit – whatever works best for each individual. Just call 1-877-352-5830, Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm or Saturday, 9am - 4pm, and they’ll be glad to help.

As the total impact of Hurricane Ian continues to be revealed, Florida Blue will make updates to resources available on its website at https://www.floridablue.com/answers/breaking-news/hurricane-information.