November 22, 2019

Learning to build healthy habits can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to do it alone. Now you don’t have to. Our new Better You Strides online wellness program has self-guided interactive activities to lead you down a path to healthier habits. Ones that can help make 2020 a great year.

And, as if getting healthier wasn’t rewarding enough, Florida Blue members 18 and older with an individual or family Affordable Care Act plan can earn up to $100 per year toward their premium.*

The journey begins with you taking a personal health assessment, which will be the guiding force for your custom wellness program’s activities, videos and quizzes. Topics include managing your health conditions, healthy snacking, planning meals, managing stress and reading nutrition labels. The 15-20 minutes it takes to complete the assessment will earn you $20. Plus, you also can earn $20 each quarter for completing an activity.

The intuitive program encourages you to take the next step toward reaching the goals you and your primary care doctor have set. When you complete one program, you’ll get suggestions for the next one. And if you fall behind, you’ll get a friendly nudge. It’s the program’s way of saying someone has your back in the journey.

Each quarter, Better You Strides will remind you about other programs you have access to, such as Blue365, which offers discounts on healthy living essentials like gym memberships, contact lenses, dental services and more.t

Now that you see the many benefits of Better You Strides, here’s how to get started:

  • Log in to your Florida Blue account, click on Better You Strides, accept the terms of service, then choose your communication preferences.
  • Complete your personal health assessment, which sets the path for your journey and helps you earn $20 right away.
  • You must complete one activity per quarter to earn $20 toward your premium. But why stop at one activity? Tackle others to help you keep moving down the path to a healthier you.
  • You can connect your wearables through the AlwaysOn app or by logging into your account.

*Note: Excess amounts may be redeemed subject to the reward program’s terms and conditions.