Getting a flu shot early has long made sense to Dr. Paul Kaplan. But in the year of COVID-19, he believes it’s a no-brainer. Kaplan gets his shot each September to make sure he’s protected by the time early flu season arrives in October. It also keeps him safe when he’s around others during Thanksgiving, Christmas and ot [...]

Vicky Reilly knew her mother’s mental health was declining. And she knew her brother and sister-in-law needed a break from caring for the 84-year-old woman in their Florida home. But Reilly was hundreds of miles away in Pennsylvania, and her mother, Betty Donley, had just been discharged from an in-patient procedure. After a couple phone calls with Lisa Chatman, a registered nurse case [...]

Florida Blue Medicare works closely with the Florida Council on Aging (FCOA) to make sure our members can find needed resources in their communities. FCOA President Dr. Christine Cauffield wrote this message about the effects of social isolation on older adults and what to do to combat it.  Social isolation and loneliness are associated with increased mortality in older ad [...]

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more doctors than ever are offering telehealth visits. Florida Blue Medicare members now also have virtual visits through Teladoc®, at no extra cost to you. But if you’ve always gone in person to see your doctor, switching to a virtual telehealth visit may sound a little intimidating. And you may wonder if you’re getting the same qu [...]

When was the last time you logged into your member account, searched for a doctor online or Googled a disease? Today? A week ago? Or maybe, never? Even if you’re a tech novice who prefers pen and paper to emails and texts, our new member portal, My Health Link, can help you better manage your health, all from the comfort of home. Florida Blue Medicare's member w [...]

Kathy’s mom had been sick for a while, but Kathy was starting to see major changes in her mom’s health. She knew she needed some guidance but wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do next. What were her mom’s wishes? And how could Kathy make sure those wishes were aligned with the health care her mom would need? Kathy isn’t alone. According to a 2019 analysis by the [...]

Wendy Weiss knows it’s best to not get too close to her 83-year-old father right now. As COVID-19 cases continue to climb, keeping a safe distance will help older adults like her dad and his wife stay healthy. So, when Weiss arrived at her father’s home with some chicken soup, she went to the door, set the soup down and walked away. Instead of sharing a hug, they settled for a wave from [...]

Have you signed up for an account on our new Florida Blue Medicare member website, My Health Link, yet? If not, sign up now so you can take advantage of all the new capabilities, like adding a family member to your care team and getting health care reminders tailored to you. And you’ll still be able to use familiar features like searching for a doctor, viewing your plan documents and tracking h [...]