When your life changes, your health plan may need to change, too.

When you have big changes in your life, you have 60 days to get a health plan or make changes to the individual policy you already have. We can help you get the plan you now need. (Note: If you have health coverage through your employer, you should contact your benefits manager)

What kind of ‘life changes’ qualify?
  • You move to a new area that offers you different plans
  • You get married or have a newly eligible domestic partner and/or dependent
  • You have a baby, adopt a child, or have a foster child placed with you
  • You are required to buy a health plan due to a court order (e.g., child support)
  • You were not eligible for financial assistance at the start of the year because your income was too low, and your annual income your annual income increases to over 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) at some point during the year. For example, over $11,880 for an individual or over $24,300 for a family of 4. Note: if you were eligible for Medicaid, you would need to lose that eligibility before you qualify to enroll in a health plan.
  • You lose your health coverage or will lose coverage due to job loss, a decrease in your work hours, your COBRA coverage expires, or other reasons
  • You are eligible for COBRA, but have not started the coverage
  • If you were not legally present in the United States, and you became a U.S. citizen, national, or otherwise lawfully present (i.e. Green Card, Visa)
  • Your income or tax household status changes, and you gain or lose eligibility for financial assistance
  • You lose your coverage because you are no longer covered under a family member’s policy, you get divorced or legally separated from your spouse, or the policy holder has passed away

This list doesn’t include all qualifying life events, and you may have a special situation. Talk to us to find out if your specific event qualifies and then we’ll help you enroll in a plan that best meets your needs and budget. You may be eligible to take advantage of this special enrollment opportunity right now.

How long do I have to enroll in a plan after a qualifying event?

It depends on the event, since some allow you to enroll in a plan 60 days before and some 60 days after the event. Talk to us and we’ll let you know, based on your individual situation.

Can I get help paying for my health plan if I qualify for a special enrollment?

Yes, the government may help pay for some or all of your plan. We can help you find out if you’re eligible for this type of help, called a government subsidy.

Talk to us today one-on-one for answers to your specific health insurance questions. We can explain your options and help you through your next steps.

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