¿Atención de alta calidad a menor precio con tiempos de espera cortos? Sí, por favor. Esto es lo que recibes cuando visitas a uno de nuestros Proveedores Value Choice. Son una parte importante de la comunidad de atención que le ofrecemos a nuestros miembros, los cuales son nuestra prioridad al momento de realizar nuestras funciones, y por eso, siempre toman el tiempo que necesiten para [...]

Health Science students at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) can now receive critical hands-on experience in a new simulated hospital thanks to a grant from Florida Blue. The Florida Blue Simulation Lab is a replica of multiple hospital settings including emergency rooms, pediatrics, intensive care and obstetrics. The lab is part of the new Patel Allied Health building being unveiled later t [...]

A woman and her 29-year-old son walked into a Florida Blue Center looking for a health insurance plan to better serve his needs for a rare condition he’s had since he was 2. They left the Tallahassee center with life-changing help. Tumors have been growing throughout the man’s body for 27 years. His premiums and prescription costs with a plan from another company were high. Plus [...]

“New year, new you” doesn’t have to be a cliché. Let it be your mantra for 2020. Your Florida Blue plan and the community of care we offer can help you get there. Here are five key things to do to use your plan to its fullest. Set up your member account If you’re new to Florida Blue, you have to [...]

Whether you’re kicking a bad habit or hope to crush your personal and professional goals in 2020, you are capable of staying track with the right focus and commitment. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot:  Be willing to take baby steps. If you decide to make big changes too quickly, you can derail your goals for behavior change. Small successes [...]

Suffering from foot infections, open sores, diabetic ulcers or other painful conditions? Don’t get soaked by the latest therapy scheme. Medicare recently warned against using prescription antibiotics or antifungal drugs in foot baths. It says these treatments are ineffective. In some cases, a prescription foot bath may e [...]

Florida’s first flu-related deaths for the 2019-20 season were three children who had not been vaccinated. None of them had other health issues that contributed to their deaths, according to the Florida Department of Health. A simple flu shot might have saved their lives. Their deaths come at a time when flu cases are on the rise in Florida. Outbreaks are more widespread at this [...]

(Este artículo es para los consumidores que se inscribieron en un plan individual o familiar para cobertura para el 2020. Si obtienes cobertura a través de tu trabajo, esto no aplica.)   Si eres nuevo en Florida Blue para el 2020, o si estás regresando luego de tener un plan diferente en el 2019, bienvenido a la familia de Florida Blue. Hay un paso importan [...]

Learning to build healthy habits can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. But there’s no need to go it alone. Our revamped Better You Strides online health and wellness program can help lead you down the path to healthier habits. Ones that can help make 2020 a great year. The journey begins with you completing a personal health assessment, which takes about 15 [...]

Pague su factura a su manera

Posted on Dec 20th 2019 by Florida Blue

Paga tu factura a tiempo. Es la mejor manera de asegurarte de tener la cobertura que necesitas, cuando la necesitas. Tenemos muchas opciones; así que ¡escoge la más adecuada!  Estas maneras de pagar son específicas para los miembros de Florida Blue menores de 65 años que hayan comprado un plan de salud individual.​ [...]