Better You Strides Can Help Improve Employee Health and Your Bottom Line

Your employees’ health and well-being affects their lives and their work. The impact to your organization is real and can cost you in productivity and health care expenses. Consider these recent findings:

  • Each year, productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers nearly $1,700 per employee.1
  • Inactive adults spend over $1,000 more on health care every year.2
  • Obesity-related health care costs exceed $150 billion each year.3

Florida Blue’s new digital wellness program, Better You Strides, powered by CaféWell, can help improve your employees’ health and your bottom line.

Better You Strides creates a Personal Health Itinerary® for each employee—a custom-made plan with recommended activities based on their interests, goals and health status. Employees complete activities at their own pace and track their progress online or with the CaféWell mobile app. For each program completed, employees can earn points toward rewards.

Employee Outreach
As part of our adoption efforts, your employees will receive a series of emails with directions on how to register for Better You Strides. Your Florida Blue sales representative can provide more educational materials you can share with your employees.

Want to Learn More?
If you’d like to learn more about Better You Strides, watch this short video or talk to your Florida Blue sales representative.