Starting this month, your life will get a little simpler. Why?  Because John Padgett is our newest blogger. Need to know what new health gadget or app will help you reach your wellness goals sooner? Check… Wish you could access your claims at 10:45 at night, but aren’t sure how to register and log in at [...]

When I was 41 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. I was very lucky that I had a mammogram which found the micro-calcifications that were deep in my breast tissue on the chest wall. A few months prior, a mammogram revealed the calcifications and my doctor wanted me to repeat the mammogram in three months to see if there was any change, and there was. I worked at the hospital and [...]

Introducing Stella the Whale

Posted on Oct 15th 2012 by Florida Blue

 My name is Stella the Whale. My friends at Florida Blue were nice enough to let me drop in and tell you about my journey starting October 14 and ending November 17. Children across the state of Florida are helping me, a life-size illustration of a baby right whale painted by renowned artist, Wylan [...]

On a seemingly ordinary day in August 2001, just days before I was to start college, I heard the words, “Your mom has breast cancer.”  Those five words changed my life forever. [...]

Florida Blue member Mary Mangan is the picture of health. She stands five feet six inches tall, weighs 115 pounds (dripping wet) and is a vigorous 28-year old who is both a nanny and a business owner (Seminole Sitters, a baby-sitting service). [...]

The year was 2001. I had turned 40 years old in January. Little did I know what the remainder of the year had in store for me. I first felt the lump in my breast in late July, but because of my history of fibrocystic disease, I wasn’t too alarmed.  When a biopsy in August proved the mass was malignant, my life changed dramatically. I will never forget the moment the surgeon said, “You have breast [...]

It’s my favorite time of year… football season! It was definitely one of the biggest professional cha [...]

A Family that Eats Together

Posted on Oct 3rd 2012 by Chef DeJuan

Chef DeJuan I am a chef, so it may surprise you to hear that it is incredibly difficult [...]

You said what?

Posted on Sep 25th 2012 by Dr. Carm

Getting the most out of any personal interaction, whether it be shopping for a car, groceries, new shoes (YEAH!), or a visit to the doctor’s office depends on several important steps. [...]

Ah, Pinterest! If you seem to enter a time warp every time you visit the site (where does the time go?), do we have a contest for you! To celebrate your health and the start of one of the prettiest seasons in Florida, we are pleased to announce our first ever Pinterest contest, "Fall into Healthy Habits." The rules are simple, fu [...]