I was first introduced to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) through a Light the Night Walk event.  It was one of the Triple Crown walks Florida Blue participated in that year. The event, which helps to fund patient support services, advocacy for lifesaving treatments [...]

If you’re considering applying for a Florida Blue Center sales position, you should know that what makes the Florida Blue team so special is that we are not just a team; we are a family.  We look after one another, guide each other and support one another.   It’s rare to find a career where you truly enjoy going to work every day.  [...]

At Florida Blue, we share the goals of the [...]

Since 1984, I have volunteered my time to Little League Baseball and Softball as an umpire and instructor. I was even invited to Williamsport, Pa. in 1998 to call games at the Little League World Series. In 1989, Little League began a new baseball divisio [...]

Health isn't just your physical state; health includes your mental, emotional, social and behavioral aspects too.  A shining example of good overall health is the team effort put forth by the Florida Blue Foundation and the  Jacksonville Children’s Chorus (JCC). Th [...]

5 Myths and Facts About Fats

Posted on May 21st 2013 by Florida Blue

Long ago, fats were considered not only something that could destroy a diet, but could also contribute to cardiovascular disease to diabetes. After many years of research, we now look as fats as a necessary item. While there are some fats that are bad, they are not all created equal. Below are five my [...]

I’ve been committed to community involvement for many years and in various leadership roles and activities at my church.  I would randomly choose a facility, signup and go clean, cook or serve in the capacity they needed most.  I had contributed to the United Way of Northeast Florida for many years, but my time commitment in [...]

With as diet-obsessed as we are as a nation, you might assume that the most important number for you to know about your health is your weight. In reality, there are other figures related to your health that are more closely correlated to being healthy overall – and your weight isn’t one of them! According to sources ranging from [...]

One thing about health care reform is that it may create some confusion for many individuals and come next year, there will be a whole new world as far as health insurance is concerned. Here are 10 things that will happen in 2014 under the affordable care act that may help you understand health care reform a bit better. [...]

In January 2011 a business colleague introduced me to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and invited me to tour the facility. My schedule was full and I almost did not attend, but I didn’t want to disappoint my friend, so I showed up as a courtesy and planned to escape the second the tour was over. During our visit, I realized the thousands of H [...]