Remember that phrase "you are what you eat"? Sure, we all know it's important to eat healthful, nutritious foods for a healthy heart. But there's no reason heart healthy foods need to be bland to be nutritious – just to cut down on those unhealthy yet flavorful ingredients like salt. Here are some healthy ways to flavor foods, so you don't feel deprived. The [...]

Ken Reagan works as a campaign manager in the Marketing organization here at Florida Blue. Ken can be considered a data guy, helping to ensure promotions launch on time and analyzing their performance. Earlier this year, Ken came to work with a new passion: joining the AIDS/LifeCycle ride in California. We sat down with Ken recently to find out more about this challenging event and what he’s been [...]

A new study from Indiana University revealed that more than 930,000 young adults now are covered under their parents’ health insurance plans due to a provision of the [...]

Eating out in restaurants is a daily occurrence for many of us. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to find healthy options on restaurant menus—even in fast-food eateries! In fact, many restaurants remove the guesswork by promoting lighter, healthier meal alternatives with a special symbol or section of the menu. But what if you're faced with a menu without lighter, healthier options? Tha [...]

Healthbox Florida, the business accelerator that aims to help early-stage health care companies grow and mature, has chosen downtown Jacksonville as its business location. In April of this year, Florida Blue announced a strategic partnership in Healthbox Florida. [...]

Let Florida Blue help keep you informed and give you the facts about how changes in the health care reform law may affect you. Here are 5 ways you can get up-to-the-minute-information with our help. 1. Download our eBook [...]

Sun exposure is the biggest cause of skin cancer, but skin cancers can develop on skin not ordinarily exposed to sunlight. Environmental hazards, radiation treatment, and even heredity may play a role. Although anyone can get skin cancer, the risk is greatest for people who have: Fair sk [...]

I love dirt. Digging in the dirt. Planting in the dirt. Getting dirty. Always have. Probably always will. One of my favorite childhood memories was running through my yard in Asheville, North Carolina at dusk while my parents tended to our vegetable garden. That memory and the senses that it evokes (the smell of the summer mountain air, the feel of the wind, the grass beneath my feet and the comf [...]

For many of us, health care reform (HCR) is a confusing topic. We’re learning new terminology, only to have it changed on us (for example, “exchange” is now “marketplace”). And many times, we ask the government questions only to be told “we don’t know yet.” It can be a little unsettling as an insurer and as a consumer. Below you will find some insight into everything you wanted to know abo [...]

I am 6 1/2 years into this adventure called motherhood and I continue to learn something new every day. My parenting is a fluid story and changes all the time. However, there is one thing I am committed to and that is making sure my children live a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some tips I’ve used to keep my kids healthy and active during the summer: 1. Make food fun- [...]