Like Florida's summer weather, our state's public health forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Looking into the clouds, the state’s HIV rate is twice the national average, and 10 percent of Americans diagnosed with AIDS live in Florida. Overweight and obesity rates for children and adults in Florida, 33 percent and 65 percent respectively, are slightly above national levels. Hospitaliz [...]

Your health is so much more than a cholesterol reading or notes on a medical chart. Regardless of your beliefs, true well-being only comes with a healthy state-of-mind. If anyone embodies the soulful connection to health, it might just have to be Florida Blue member, John Morris. I discovered John from a tweet he sent telling Florida Blue how much he enjoyed our new “ [...]

It might be the first time that the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became real for you was the day you received a letter from us that left you thinking your policy was canceled. Here’s the good news: unless you say otherwise, you [...]

Breast cancer has dominated my adult life. My mom was diagnosed when she was 47, and I was 19. She fought a courageous battle for seven years but passed away from this terrible disease right before her 54th birthday. My grandmother also had breast cancer earlier in her life. Since losing my mom, I have been through varying levels of anxiety at the thought of getting and fighting this disease mysel [...]

Florida Blue really strives to give our members tools and information to help make the right decisions when it comes to your health. One way we are further improving delivery of information is by providing it in the language you are comfortable with. As Florida has such a high Hispanic market, it only made sense to improve our Spanish website and provide even more information for your convenience. [...]

Adroit students of the US healthcare system understand that its long-term viability requires significant change.  Curing the system’s ills requires significant change from key stakeholders -- from payors, physicians and hospitals to large and small employers, from brokers/agents to individual customers and patients. The revolution, if you will, to create cost-effective, quality-oriented, consumer- [...]

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is all about spreading one simple, powerful message: Early breast cancer detection and prompt treatment saves lives The size of breast cancer and how far [...]

The simple answer is innovation … in the way we deliver and pay for care. But as The Blueprint for a Healthier Florida 2013, produced by the [...]

If you were tuned into your favorite national news broadcast on October 1, 2013, chances are you may have seen our Chair and CEO, Pat Geraghty, being interviewed about the Affordable Care Act and the opening of the health insurance marketplaces. Pat was asked by MSNBC, [...]

Did you know that your gut is a bacterial battlefield? Did you know that the road to wellness is paved with good intestines?  Your intestines are home to about 100 trillion microorganisms (10 times more than the number of cells in your body) and over 400 [...]