While there’s still so much we don’t know about COVID-19, one thing is for sure - it affects each person differently. And sometimes, even mild cases can cause symptoms like headaches, fatigue and shortness of breath. But what if those symptoms continue even after you’ve tested negative for the virus? Dr. Kelli Tice Wells, Florida Blue’s Senior Medical Director for medical affairs says i [...]

The holiday season is a time for high expectations of ourselves and others. The trouble is, real life rarely measures up to the movie scenes and magazines. We all know this on some level, yet year after year, we put undue pressure on ourselves. Pay attention to stress triggers. When you are feeling the pressure stop and ask yourself… [...]

(This blog is for consumers who enrolled in an individual or family health plan for 2021 coverage. If you get coverage through your job, this doesn’t apply.) If you’re new to Florida Blue or if you’re coming back to us after having a different plan, welcome! There’s one important step to take now so you can start using your benefits on January 1: Make your first payment [...]

Lowering your holiday stress level should include lowering your expectations.   Many of us find that it is a difficult task as we compare our decorating skills, or lack there of to those fabulous images on Pinterest, YouTube or our friends’ Facebook pages. But what are you to do, when you are hosting a holiday get together; people are dropping in and your in-laws d [...]

You can still enjoy your favorite Florida Blue events at home! As we adjust to our lives in these rapidly changing times, your health and the health of the communities we serve [...]

You may be tempted to brave the crowded airports with others who are flying to see family or friends for the winter holidays. Or you may have been invited to celebrate locally with some friends you haven’t seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began. [...]

By now, many of us are starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Those promises we make to ourselves each year but often abandon them after a couple of months or so. That [...]

Before Kevin Kenney got to know Margaret Lynn Duggar, he got to witness her influence. And it was an impressive sight. Kenney watched as people approached Duggar with such reverence and respect at the 2019 Florida Council on Aging annual conference. “It was like meeting the pope,” said Kenney, a vice president for Florida Blue Medicare, which partners wit [...]

For most of the year, people have been feeling the pressure of the life that COVID-19 has brought. Months of staying in our homes, which have doubled as offices for our work and classrooms for our kids. We’ve leaned heavily on technology like Zoom to be able to see our family and friends, but it’s not the same as a hug or a handshake. And we’ve felt it. Some more than others. We’ve been [...]

Learn about your Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plan and feel confident using your coverage through our 2021 virtual member events. Starting in January 2021 and continuing through March, we’ll offer a variety of webinars on topics of interest to you. Here’s what you can expect: For 2021, we will hold our member welcome webinars <Janu [...]