We recently sent letters to our members whose doctor or specialist is part of the VitalMD group. We let them know their doctor may not be in their health plan’s network after March 31, 2020. Your doctor may be part of this large physician group with multiple locations throughout Florida that does business under many different names. We’ve been talking with VitalMD and hope to reach a ne [...]

People, including chefs, have their own definition of what they think farm-to-table means. Sometimes called farm-to-fork, the phrase is used to refer to the various processes in the food train from agricultural production to consumption. In layman’s terms, it’s how we get the food we eat, without it being processed or chemically enhanced, to our table. Over the last few years, farm-to-t [...]

You’ve probably noticed the new look for Florida Blue’s member website. But the changes go much deeper than an updated look. We redesigned it to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it. We know more people are turning to digital options for many parts of their busy lives. We listened to your feedback and made it simple for y [...]

Every year the Lake Nona Impact Forum brings together chief executives, health care innovators and thought leaders from various industries to discuss some of the most pressing topics in our country – health care, technology, education, and sustainability. It is my privilege to once again be a part of these important conversa [...]

Don't miss out on events at your Florida Blue Center. We welcome all Floridians! You don't have to be a member to get in on free events happening at your local Florida Blue Center. From health fairs and weekly wellness programs to special guest seminars, take advantage of these free events for you and your family. You can even bring a friend! See what activities are being offered this month, ch [...]

By now, many of us have moved on from our New Year’s resolutions. Not because we nailed them, but because we didn’t. That happens for many reasons. Sometimes the goals we set are unrealistic. Other times we give up when we hit a plateau or become impatient. [...]

The coronavirus outbreak that began in late December in China has been getting a lot of headlines. The numbers are big: About 72,000 cases and nearly 1,800 deaths, as of Feb. 17. About 99 percent of the cases are in mainland China, as are all but five of the deaths. There are 1 [...]

SilverSneakers® is well-known for helping older adults stay active by building their strength and energy. Now it can help them build college tuition savings for loved ones. Thanks to a partnership between SilverSneakers and SAGE Scholars, Florida Blue Medicare members can take part in the Tuition Rewards program. And it’s easy to do: You’ll get 1,000 Tuition Rewards point [...]

The YMCAs of the Tampa Bay area and the Florida Blue Foundation are teaming up again to save lives! Thanks to a generous $155,000 grant from the Florida Blue Foundation, Tampa Bay area children can receive free water safety and swim lessons at their local Y. Free Safety Around Water [...]

It’s time to fire up the slow cooker! This warm and hearty stew is made with healthy chicken sausage, apples and cabbage. Cabbage is in season during the winter, so pick some up at your local farmer’s market or at the store. Ingredients 1 medium head green cabbage 2 Granny Smith apples ¼ teaspoon kosher salt ½ teaspoon smoked paprika [...]