Meet the New Florida Blue

Posted on Apr 28th 2012 by Florida Blue

We’re changing to fit the needs of all Floridians. But it’s not just about our name. It’s about our renewed commitment to all of our customers and all Floridians. [...]

Eating right is hard, exercising is tough, and sticking to a diet can sometimes seem impossible. Finding the right healthy living routine, rather than just picking a diet off the shelf, can often make this process less of a challenge. While many of us live a healthy lifestyle, or are making efforts to improve our routines, obesity remains a serious problem in our state. Florida is ranked 29t [...]

Eating Healthy Starts at Home

Posted on Apr 25th 2012 by Florida Blue

You’re always on the go. Whether you’re on the way to work, heading to classes at school, meeting up with a friend, or spending time with family, it’s often hard to find the time to prepare a healthy meal. Often, the easiest way to save time is to hit the drive-thru or call for delivery. But that’s also one of the easiest ways to fall into bad eating habits. Healthy eating habits start with what [...]

TEDMED Creates a Spark

Posted on Apr 24th 2012 by Florida Blue

Have you heard of TEDMED? Well, it was new to many of our Florida Blue employees before they attended a simulcast of the event on April 11-13 at our Jacksonville headquarters. Billed as an innovative discussion among leaders in medicine and technology, the event brought together a diverse assortment of health-related s [...]

Why volunteer? With our busy lives, overbooked calendars, and limited resources, what would make you want to stop for a moment to assist someone else, or help a cause? You only need ask six of our employees, named this week as Blue Community Champions of the Year. They are Julie Engelien, Karen Fergusson, Janice Connelly, Laura Johnson, and two honorable mentions: Christy Forrester and Heather Fer [...]

Your Best Foot Forward

Posted on Apr 12th 2012 by Florida Blue

Our free monthly health fair at your local Florida Blue Center has a special focus this weekend:  your feet! Join us Saturday, April 14th as we bring in the pros from Reebok to provide advice on starting a fitness routine and finding the right footwear for the job. While you're there, meet one-on-one with Florida Blue health care experts and get all your questions answered in person - [...]

What do you get with a winning score from the Orlando Magic? This year, it will be so much more than satisfied players and happy fans.  Florida Blue is proud to partner again with the Orlando Magic in the Baskets for Books program.  For every point made by the Orlando Magic at every home game, two books are donated to the [...]

A New Connection

Posted on Apr 6th 2012 by Florida Blue

You, our readers, are the reason we are here.  You want clear, direct information that will help you make a purchase decision, get the most from your membership, and maybe even get a little healthier. We redesigned our blog with those points in mind, and will strive to provide the solutions you seek. Our articles will be written by the experts here at Florida Blue, as well as experts around the s [...]

Move@Lunch - Walking the Talk

Posted on Apr 6th 2012 by Florida Blue

Florida Blue employees around the state were on the move April 5 for our annual Move@Lunch event. We created a short video to share the excitement, energy and fun we had this special day. We are Florida Blue!   [...]

What Makes You Smile?

Posted on Mar 10th 2012 by Florida Blue

For us, it’s family, dogs, significant others and the people we work with. We put together a video on all of the various reasons we flash our pearly whites. Why all the talk about smiling? Well, while we had much fun posing for the below vi [...]