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Posted on Jan 18th 2019 by Florida Blue

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If you're under the age of 65 years and you purchased a health plan on your own or through your employer, your online account and the Florida Blue app are your 24/7 connection to benefits, ID cards and more. 

The first time you log in, we'll give you a tour of your account, review your benefits and ask you some questions to help you get the most out of your account. Then visit anytime, day or night, to:

  • VIEW ID CARDS: Pull up a copy of your ID card on your phone anytime you need it—even if you’ve left the plastic one at home.
  • LOOK UP DOCTORS AND PHARMACIES IN YOUR NETWORK: Need to fill a prescription or see a specialist? Before you head out the door, know whether you need a referral, and check to be sure the doctor or pharmacy is covered by your plan. Otherwise, you could end up paying out of pocket for medicine or care.
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SPENDING: Check out the nice pie chart in your account to see what you’ve spent on care so far this year and where you are with your deductible.
  • READ ABOUT YOUR PLAN BENEFITS: Whether you’re new to this plan or have had it for years, it’s good practice to take some time each year to go over what’s covered. Plans can change from year to year. Know what’s covered before you go!
  • GO PAPERLESS! Unclutter your mailbox a little. You can get important documents sent to your online account by going to My Account and checking the box to opt into electronic communications. You’ll get an email letting you know anytime a document is ready for you to view, and then you can log in to read it instead of waiting to get it in the mail
  • CHECK THE STATUS OF A CLAIM: If you need to know whether a claim has been paid, make your online account your first stop.
  • VIEW AND PAY YOUR BILL: You can use a debit (not a credit) card or pay using your checking account (using your routing and checking account number).

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