Posted on Jul 25th 2017 by Elana Schrader, M.D.

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Did you know that every blood donation could help save as many as three lives?  It’s a fact we all should know and share because the need for blood is every day.

Recently the world recognized June 14, 2017 as World Blood Donor Day.  It is a day we acknowledge the role of blood donors and the impact their donations have had in their local communities, their nations and the world. When you give blood, you save lives and here is why:

Your donation helps meet a need:

Accidents occur daily, and by giving blood you can help maintain the regular blood supply for hospitals and patients who are in need every single day. In times of natural disasters or tragedies, the need will actually surpass the supply, and your blood donations can also help replenish the supply after these traumatic events.

Your donation can be used in many ways:

Since blood carries oxygen, it is essential to human life. Blood is collected as a “whole blood” donation; and broken down into three components, which are the specific parts of your blood. The most common donation is of red blood cells, while plasma and platelets make up the other components.

Once your blood donation is collected and transported to a center, it is processed and prepared to make sure it is safe to use. The components are then used in different circumstances like surgery, premature births, traumas, and for people with immune disorders.

Your donation is a commitment:

There are many reasons people give blood. Maybe you have a relative, friend or neighbor who had a life-threatening condition and you witnessed his or her need for blood to stay alive. Many don’t know anyone in need of blood personally, but are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. They understand that their donation provides a legacy of health and wellness for generations. Many people become regular blood donors. It is safe, convenient and easy, and it does take a commitment. These individuals hold a special place in my heart and I hope they do in yours as well.  

Together we can make a difference:

Our #BlueGivesBlood initiative is an effort to help the One Blood organization maintain our statewide blood supply.  It takes more than one donor to make a difference and here at Florida Blue we know together we are stronger.  So on July 27, 2017, Florida Blue employees across the state will aim to break our single day record of 133 units donated. 

We encourage you to join us and help save lives. Here are some great resources from OneBlood and American Red Cross to learn more about the qualifications for donating blood and how you can schedule your appointment today.

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Elana Schrader, M.D.

Dr. Elana Schrader is Florida Blue’s Chief Medical Officer. In this role, Schrader is responsible for the development of the overarching clinical strategy for Florida Blue and leading clinical activities including care management, health promotions and wellness, pharmacy, quality, and clinical retail health initiatives. Schrader holds a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College of Columbia University. She received her medical training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at The New York Hospital of Cornell Medical College and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian College of Medicine, and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, class of 2011.

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