Finding Your Right Healthy Living Routine

Posted on Apr 26th 2012 by Florida Blue

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Eating right is hard, exercising is tough, and sticking to a diet can sometimes seem impossible. Finding the right healthy living routine, rather than just picking a diet off the shelf, can often make this process less of a challenge. While many of us live a healthy lifestyle, or are making efforts to improve our routines, obesity remains a serious problem in our state. Florida is ranked 29th in the nation for adult obesity, according to a 2011 report from the Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Identifying and confronting the problem may prove to be the most difficult step. There are many weight-loss programs out there, from the seemingly legit to the “too-good-to-be-true.” There is no universal diet designed to fit everyone’s needs because everyone’s body is different.. And for most of us, no diet will be a perfect fit. It’s more about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can live with day in and day out rather than focusing on a quick fix. According to the Mayo Clinic, consulting with your family physician before making decisions about your health is very important. Their knowledge of your medical history can help them map out a plan for your desired weight loss goals. Your physician may also recommend a nutritionist to get you started! At Florida Blue, we would love to help you build a healthy living plan. Knowledgeable staff at our Florida Blue Centers can help you find a doctor, pick a nutritionist, and even help you locate gyms in your area. Florida Blue plan members enjoy valuable discounts of 25% to 45% on a wide variety of health-related services, including weight management programs. Stop by one of our Florida Blue Centers today! No appointment necessary. We’re here to help you in your pursuit of health.

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Consistently maintaining healthy eating habits is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Yes, there are temptations everywhere that can make you fall off the proverbial wagon.

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