Get Started With Your 2020 Florida Blue Medicare Plan

Posted on Feb 14th 2020 by Florida Blue

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Many of us only think about our health coverage when we get sick. Don’t wait until you’re feeling under the weather to get started with your 2020 Medicare health plan. Here’s why:

Your Medicare health plan includes many benefits that can help keep you from getting sick, like a flu shot or your Annual Wellness Visit with your doctor.

These preventive services are no extra cost to you when you get them from a provider in your plan’s network.

The more you get to know your plan now, the easier it will be to use all year long.

Here are three easy ways you can start using your Medicare health plan right now.

Sign up for Florida Blue Medicare’s new member website. For 2020, we’ve made some big improvements to our Medicare member website. If you haven’t signed up for your member account online yet, now is the time! Florida Blue Medicare's member website is your online starting point for using your health plan.

Here’s how to create an account at

  • Click Log In, then choose New Member Registration. You’ll need your Florida Blue Medicare member ID card to get started.
  • Once you create an account you can get the information you need about your benefits, doctors, claims and more.
  • You can enroll in HealthyBlue Rewards right from the site and redeem your rewards.
  • And, you can fill out your Health Risk Appraisal, which helps us guide you to services tailored to your health.

Sign up for HealthyBlue Rewards. When you do things like get your Annual Wellness Visit, mammogram, colon cancer screening or flu shot, you’re taking care of your health. Why not get something extra for doing that? Sign up for HealthyBlue Rewards, and you will receive rewards when you complete eligible health and wellness activities. Redeem your rewards by December 31, 2020, for gift cards to places you like to shop. Reward yourself for doing things to stay healthy and sign up now.

Here's how to sign up for HealthyBlue Rewards.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the My Health menu and click on HealthyBlue Rewards. Or click the HealthyBlue Rewards shortcut on your Home dashboard.

Fill out your Health Risk Appraisal. You can earn $20 in rewards right now by filling out your Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). Your HRA is a 20-minute health and wellness survey that helps us get to know you better. Your answers allow us to give you personalized suggestions for programs you may be interested in. You may also get one-on-one support from a nurse, social worker, health educator, or a program focused on an ongoing health or social need, if eligible. Your answers remain completely confidential, and your responses will not affect your coverage. Florida Blue Medicare has many resources geared toward keeping you healthy. Get $20 in rewards for 20 minutes of your time. Fill out your Health Risk Appraisal and get more help from your Florida Blue Medicare plan.

Here’s how to complete your Health Risk Appraisal

  • While you’re logged in, go to My Health.
  • Click on My Surveys to complete your Health Risk Appraisal.

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