Fall Into Good Health

Posted on Sep 30th 2016 by Florida Blue

Goodbye, 100-degree weather! Fall is a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures, and with football and holidays it’s a great season for getting together with friends, too. Fall also means the start of cold and flu season. Here are some tips to help you feel your best this fall. • Get a flu shot. The best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get a flu vaccine each [...]

"I have pulmonary fibrosis.” I was sitting in my living room when my mother uttered those words to me from hundreds of miles away. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it didn’t sound good. I don’t recall exactly what she said after that because I was overwhelmed by a desire to learn everything I could about the disease in that moment. I grabbed a nearby laptop and immediately [...]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a total of 35 Zika cases in Florida are from local mosquito-borne transmission, while an additional 507 cases in Florida are “travel related.” The CDC also precautions that anyone living in, or traveling to, the Wynwood and Miami Beach area of South Florida need to be especially cautious, as these areas have been directly [...]

Dental insurance is an important tool to have in your health care tool box.  Without dental insurance, the out-of-pocket cost of preventive dental care can be very expensive.  Dental benefits offered within our BlueDental plans allow you to receive a cleaning and check-up every six months, which in turn could significantly reduce the need for fillings or other costly health procedures [...]

Even if you only choose plant-based meals over animal protein only a few meals a week, plant-based diets have many health benefits. Research shows vegetarian diets are linked with lower incidences of obesity, Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer and hypertension. By eliminating meat and substituting vegetables, beans, whole grains or soy you can create meals rich in vit [...]

With ongoing changes in the health care industry it is important to take charge of your health and well-being. Patient engagement refers to the involvement and actions each person needs to take in order to get the most from the health care services available to them. The following is a recommended list of ways to be an active participant in your health care this coming year. 1. Check wi [...]

Immunization Awareness

Posted on Aug 17th 2016 by Florida Blue

Immunizations are a cost-effective and successful way to protect yourself and your children from many diseases and illnesses. By introducing a small amount of the virus or bacteria into the body, your immune system’s defense mode is triggered, which creates antibodies to fight the germ or disease. Immunization programs can have far-reaching effects on our society. For example, when the smallpox [...]

Psoriasis Too Shall Pass

Posted on Aug 9th 2016 by Victoria Edwards

It happened again. I couldn’t believe it. At first when it came on, I was confused and in disbelief. It was all over me and it kept spreading. “Rain drops” they called it - like these lesions or scales are some cute little badges you get to wear for a long time. Why did it make me so frustrated, so self-conscious, so sad and out of control. This is my experience with guttate psoriasis. [...]

Florida Blue is committed to the communities it serves and the health of its members. That’s why we support a multifaceted approach to optimum oral care called Oral Health for Overall Health. Why Oral Health for Overall Health? Dental health can influence conditions such as diabetes, oral cancer, coronary artery disease (CAD [...]

Passport in hand and ready to go! Traveling overseas to visit lands I have only seen through the tube. These are the thoughts that stream through my mind as I am in the waiting room of my doctor’s office just a week prior to my trip to Dominican Republic As a healthy young adult, the only tablet that goes with me everywhere, literally, is my Trader Joe’s Women’s Once Daily Multivitamins [...]