We’re constantly being asked by out-of-towners about our favorite Florida beach destinati [...]

Have there been commercials that have made you think? For us, it's the Sussex Safer Roads’ award winning commercial about seat [...]

Summer is here and we at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida are excited about the different ways Floridians are utilizing the sun. With a whole host of activities to choose from, cruises seem to be a favorite with everybody we asked. We talked to a few cruise aficionados, who had some interestin [...]

Summertime in Florida is here! While we love the warm weather and fun that comes with it, we also want to make sure that you take your sun care protection and health seriously. We found this very excellent infographic below that h [...]

Part 5 of 5 To date, we’ve profiled three [...]

If you are in Florida, you’ve been waking up to the smell of smoke and/or seeing the ash sprinkles. The  [...]

Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices." -Betsy Jacobson [...]

Every day we come across inspirational people in different guises.  During Teacher Appreciation week, we are taking a moment to give thanks to the tireless efforts of one such educator - Sandra Foskey who has brought her love for health to her job at Loretto Elementary i [...]