What Makes You Smile?

Posted on Mar 10th 2012 by Florida Blue

For us, it’s family, dogs, significant others and the people we work with. We put together a video on all of the various reasons we flash our pearly whites. Why all the talk about smiling? Well, while we had much fun posing for the below vi [...]

Stress Managed

Posted on Feb 27th 2012 by Florida Blue

Loren was having a normal day when something went amiss. She was rushed to the emergency roomwith chest pains and later found that she had experienced a coronary occlusion. What surprised her was that she had always been in good health, was fairly young and did not have a history of cardiac problems. After being discharged, Loren’s husband, concerned for her welfare, called Blue Cross to better un [...]

“Don’t worry – help is on the way.” This simple sentence must have sounded like a life preserver being thrown to a drowning person. Indeed, Dr. Frank Santamaria, administering to the needs of a patient suffering from severe difficulties with breathing, was able to provide the patient his first night’s rest in months.  The next morning, not only was the patient feeling better, his wife was e [...]

Halloween Recipes

Posted on Oct 28th 2011 by Florida Blue

Halloween is just around the corner and our very own chef-in-residence, Shelby Brethour, has come up with some amazing Halloween recipes that are fast and fun to make. By day, Shelby works hard at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. By [...]

Yoga - A Journey

Posted on Oct 17th 2011 by Florida Blue

With close to 11 million Americans practicing it, yoga is certainly a fitness routine that has captured our nation. From flexibility to strength, the many benefits of yoga [...]

Cracking the Code on Wellness

Posted on Oct 5th 2011 by Florida Blue


Our team was in desperate need for some new workout routines. We tried the always fun [...]

Your Health on the Road

Posted on Aug 31st 2011 by Florida Blue

Here is a question for our members - if you are traveling for work or fun and need to see a [...]

Going on a road trip? Put away those chips and look at these great tips we found about eating healthy on the road. [...]

Vacations are brilliant and such fun to have. What is not so much fun is the post-vacation doldrums - the unpacking, the getting back to everyday life and the dreaded check-in with your scale. [...]