The Spice of Life

Posted on Oct 24th 2012 by Janice Bradley

I love spices.  There, I said it! Spices and I have had a long-standing love affair.  Exaggeration?  Perhaps. But it is really quite simple to understand why.  You see, when I was about 10 years old, my mother, who is old-school when it comes to cooking, began to teach me how to cook.  She makes everything from scratch, and it is rare when she makes something that doesn’t taste good. [...]

When I was 41 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. I was very lucky that I had a mammogram which found the micro-calcifications that were deep in my breast tissue on the chest wall. A few months prior, a mammogram revealed the calcifications and my doctor wanted me to repeat the mammogram in three months to see if there was any change, and there was. I worked at the hospital and [...]

On a seemingly ordinary day in August 2001, just days before I was to start college, I heard the words, “Your mom has breast cancer.”  Those five words changed my life forever. [...]

Florida Blue member Mary Mangan is the picture of health. She stands five feet six inches tall, weighs 115 pounds (dripping wet) and is a vigorous 28-year old who is both a nanny and a business owner (Seminole Sitters, a baby-sitting service). [...]

The year was 2001. I had turned 40 years old in January. Little did I know what the remainder of the year had in store for me. I first felt the lump in my breast in late July, but because of my history of fibrocystic disease, I wasn’t too alarmed.  When a biopsy in August proved the mass was malignant, my life changed dramatically. I will never forget the moment the surgeon said, “You have breast [...]

It’s my favorite time of year… football season! It was definitely one of the biggest professional cha [...]

A Family that Eats Together

Posted on Oct 3rd 2012 by Chef DeJuan

Chef DeJuan I am a chef, so it may surprise you to hear that it is incredibly difficult [...]

You said what?

Posted on Sep 25th 2012 by Dr. Carm

Getting the most out of any personal interaction, whether it be shopping for a car, groceries, new shoes (YEAH!), or a visit to the doctor’s office depends on several important steps. [...]

Breastfeeding: One Mom's Story

Posted on Sep 12th 2012 by sarah

I am a breastfeeding advocate. The one, maybe only, thing I was sure of as I prepared to have a baby was that I wanted to breastfeed. I had daydreams of my baby and me cuddling in a sunny corner, me gazing lovingly into his eyes as he nursed happily away. Those dreams have since become a reality, but it wasn’t without a lot of tears, hard work, anxiety, a super-supportive husband and the help of t [...]

I was an obese child. I often wondered why my parents fed me the way that they did. One day, after the fat was gone, my mother and I were looking through a photo album. There I was as a baby, completely naked.  Funny thing was, I was skinny.  Not “kid with malnutrition” skinny, but very thin. I said, “Look at me! I was a thin baby. What happened?” Mom said, “Oh, I was so upset with you being skinn [...]