Are Your Kids Stressed Out?

Posted on Jun 27th 2013 by Florida Blue

We’ve all experienced stress at some time or another, and while different things cause stress in different people, we can all agree that being stressed is no fun. As adults, we’re equipped to manage and reduce the stress in our lives, but what about our kids? They can feel stress like we do, but they don’t always know how to deal with it. So, are your kids stressed out? Stress [...]

There are a lot of health and wellness websites that discuss the topic of sleep and how important it is. Good sleep habits are essential to overall health and performance. Here are 10 things you can do to improve your sleep habits, and catch the ZZZs you need. 1. Keep a regular sleep schedule, even on the weekends. 2. Develop a relaxing pre-sleep routine, like a warm shower or [...]

Christine's wakeup call came the day she got the results from her personal health assessment test. Not only was she a smoker, but also had a family history of heart disease and diabetes. Those items combined lead her on the journey of taking health matters into her own hands. This is her story. [...]

A key to heart healthy eating is choosing foods that are low in sodium. The current recommendation is to limit daily salt intake to 2,300 milligrams, or approximately a teaspoon of table salt. It’s probably not surprising to hear that most Americans consume more sodium than recommended. But what may surpris [...]

5 Myths and Facts About Fats

Posted on May 21st 2013 by Florida Blue

Long ago, fats were considered not only something that could destroy a diet, but could also contribute to cardiovascular disease to diabetes. After many years of research, we now look as fats as a necessary item. While there are some fats that are bad, they are not all created equal. Below are five my [...]

With as diet-obsessed as we are as a nation, you might assume that the most important number for you to know about your health is your weight. In reality, there are other figures related to your health that are more closely correlated to being healthy overall – and your weight isn’t one of them! According to sources ranging from [...]

There are over 10,000 known herbs in the world. They are produced on farms, grow naturally in most eco systems, and if you are blessed enough, they will even grow in your yard.  However, I know from experience, dandelion greens are more popular and respected in a salad. Herbs can do more than simply add flavor to food. If used right, they help you to cu [...]

Mint is an herb for all seasons, whether used in a cool refreshing drink in the summer or a warm cup of tea when the weather turns a little chillier. Widely used since ancient times, it is currently used in manufactured products for its flavoring and aroma; it can also be found it many of the products we use on a daily basis. As an herb, mint’s leaves a [...]

4 Running Tips for Kids

Posted on Mar 8th 2013 by Victoria Edwards

Childhood obesity is ever so present. As adults and parents, it’s up to us too not only teach our children about a balanced diet, but to also encourage regular activity. What you do and teach them now will help their health in the long run and possibly prevent them from developing conditions [...]

Have you ever wondered how long-distance runners can run so far without stopping? I am a novice runner, so I wanted to know their secret.  My running history includes an 8k and the Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K, which took place last year. I usually try to run a 5K (3.1 miles) around two to thre [...]