You’ve just been to see your doctor and now you’re leaving with a prescription for a medication. Did you know that spending a few minutes on can help save you money when filling your prescription? It can be as easy as filling your prescription at an in-network pharmacy or asking your doctor to request an authorization for the medication. [...]

Sooner or later, we all get the blues. Feeling sad or lonely during difficult life events is normal. Usually, you can continue to function and, in time, you start to feel like yourself again. When do you know the blues are something more? Depression disrupts relationships and interferes with work and daily activities. For many reasons, depression can be hard to diagnose in men. Some sti [...]

Summer is a great time to be active outdoors.  Here are some tips from experts at WebMD to help you stay healthy and safe while enjoying the summer. Stay informed. Stay updated on local weather forecasts so you can plan. Know the risk. People 65 an [...]

Dental health can affect some ongoing health conditions like diabetes, oral cancer and coronary artery disease (CAD), along with low birth weight and premature babies. There is a connection between a healthy mouth and overall good health. It is important to get regular preventive dental care to help maintain good oral health and overall health. We want to give you a boost in the right d [...]

You try to plan for the little things that could go wrong while you’re traveling by filling your prescriptions and packing extra sunblock. No one ever expects to have a medical emergency, but things happen. Florida Blue has you covered, even if you are out of state. Here are some tips to help prepare for the unexpected. 1. Download the Florida Blue mobile app to access your plan [...]

When was the last time you were rewarded for doing the right thing? You put in the effort to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and we think you deserve a reward! As a Florida Blue member, you can get nationwide discounts of up to 50 percent off through our member discount program called Blue365. This program lets you save money on products and services that help you maintain your hea [...]

Summertime in Florida brings plenty of options for finding fresh, healthy produce. From farmers’ markets to the corner grocery store, or even in your own home garden, summer is ripe with foods that help us stay healthy. Colorful fruits and vegetables are as beautiful as they are delicious, but did you know they also have different health benefits depending on what color they are? This i [...]

What Causes Swimmer’s Ear?

Posted on May 20th 2016 by Florida Blue

It’s not always what you think. The term swimmer's ear, an inflammation of the ear canal, comes from the fact that it often occurs in children and young adults who swim frequently. Similar to a diaper rash in babies, swimmer’s ear can be caused by excess moisture in the ear from routine showering, improper ear cleaning, and/or swimming in dirty or polluted water. The moisture can cause [...]

7 Tips to Become SPF Savvy

Posted on May 20th 2016 by Florida Blue

Not all sunscreens are the same. New FDA rules for sunscreen labels make it a whole lot easier for you to compare products when you shop for sunscreen. Follow these tips: Use SPF 30 or higher. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Look for “broad spectrum” on the label. It means the product passes government tests for effectiveness. Choose products tha [...]

6 Safety Tips for Summer Fun

Posted on May 20th 2016 by Florida Blue

It’s summertime! A cool splash in the pool, boogie boarding at the beach, sunbathing and weekend outings are prime times for sun burns. But before you go outdoors, be sure to protect your skin against damaging sun, which can lead to melanoma. Here’s what you can do to protect your skin: Use sunscreen daily. Apply sunscreen every two hours if you’r [...]