Congratulations on renewing your health plan or picking a new plan for 2017. Here are a few steps to be sure you are ready to use your benefits on January 1. Your Member ID Card [...]

New for 2017! Pharmacy options are changing for some health plans. Switch your prescriptions to a participating pharmacy before these changes happen. Learn more here.  [...]

After January 1, log in to, select ID Card Servi [...]

This chocolatey holiday treat has a nutrient-packed secret—squash! Serve this up at your holiday party. No one will ever guess that they’re getting a veggie with their dessert. Plus, at 24 cents a slice, it’s a budget-friendly option for any gathering.   Chocolate Squash Cake   Ingredients list ½ cup vegetable o [...]

We’ve all seen the slapstick scenes in Home Alone, when Kevin McCallister fights off bad guys using a series [...]

The value of a tooth changes considerably as we mature. When we are children the value of a tooth is typically measured by how much the tooth fairy is willing to leave under our pillows. Many children work tirelessly to push, pull, and wiggle loose teeth out with the hope that they will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.  In an interesting turn of event [...]

Avoid Fall Risks This Fall

Posted on Sep 30th 2016 by Florida Blue

Everyone falls now and then. But did you know that among older adults one out of every five falls can lead to a severe injury, like a broken bone or head injury? And when you fall once, you are much more likely to fall again, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Your environment can trip you up. Things that have n [...]

Helping Women Stay Healthy

Posted on Sep 30th 2016 by Florida Blue

You eat right. You stay active. You get enough sleep. Your health is on track, right? Still, it’s good to be on the lookout for some common health conditions that can affect women. Read on, and call your doctor if you have concerns. Heart Disease You may thin [...]

Beating the Retirement Blues

Posted on Sep 30th 2016 by Florida Blue

You’ve worked hard your whole life. When times got tough, you daydreamed about retirement. “That’s when I’ll kick back and relax,” you told yourself. The transition to retirement is smooth sailing for some. But many people become anxious, depressed or lonely during retirement. Here are some tips to avoid the retirement blues: • Set a schedule. For some, too much flexibility is u [...]

If you take prescription medication, make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. Your medications won’t work effectively if you don’t take them as prescribed.   If you don’t like the way your medication makes you feel, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They might be able to offer you different options. [...]