Two Numbers You Should Know

Posted on Jul 11th 2017 by Florida Blue

Do you know your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose numbers? Ask your doctor to check them at your next visit. Here’s what you should aim for with blood pressure and cholesterol. Blood Pressure If you’re over 60, your blood pressure should be no higher than 150/90. However, if you have diabetes, your blood pressure should stay under 140/90. People und [...]

Avoid a return trip to the hospital by following these tips. If you have been in the hospital recently, chances are you probably don’t want to go back anytime soon. But unfortunately, this happens all too often. According to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about one in eight Medicare patients [...]

Florida Blue’s Dr. Cynthia Griffin answers some common questions about prescription drug coverage, mail order and how to manage your medications more effectively. What should I do if my medication is not covered or is too expensive? Each year, your health plan provides a formulary, which is a list of drugs covered under your pharmacy ben [...]

Beating the Retirement Blues

Posted on Sep 30th 2016 by Florida Blue

You’ve worked hard your whole life. When times got tough, you daydreamed about retirement. “That’s when I’ll kick back and relax,” you told yourself. The transition to retirement is smooth sailing for some. But many people become anxious, depressed or lonely during retirement. Here are some tips to avoid the retirement blues: • Set a schedule. For some, too much flexibility is u [...]