You already know that properly managing your blood pressure may help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity play key roles in doing that. That’s why Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans include SilverSneakers® as your fitness benefit at no additional cost. Florida Blue Medicare Supplement members can add a SilverSneakers [...]

Earn a $20 gift card in 20 minutes and help Florida Blue Medicare better serve your health needs. It only takes 20 minutes to complete your health risk appraisal online through your My Health Link™ account at We ask Medicare members to complete the short survey every year to help us understand your health. Your answ [...]

Maybe you’ve thought about getting a hearing aid, but you aren’t sure how it will look or if it will really help you. If you have trouble hearing, a hearing aid can significantly improve your quality of life. It can: Improve communication Help you stay more alert Reduce background noise Help you regain independence Help you feel more includ [...]

Feeling sluggish or down can be your body’s way of telling you to eat more nutrient-rich foods. Good nutrition is important to healthy aging. National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to develop better habits. Eating well and staying active can help you stay healthy so you can keep doing the things you love t [...]

Staying active is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. And keeping your heart healthy is a great way to keep your loved ones’ hearts happy. February is Heart Health Month – the perfect time to show your heart (and theirs) some love. Why you should care about heart health Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S.1, but it isn’t [...]

You’ve probably heard you should get an Annual Wellness Visit and flu shot every year. You might also need a mammogram or a colon cancer screening. Why not get something extra when you do that? HealthyBlue is a program that rewards our Medicare Advantage members for getting the tests and services they need. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for being loyal to your health! [...]

Before Kevin Kenney got to know Margaret Lynn Duggar, he got to witness her influence. And it was an impressive sight. Kenney watched as people approached Duggar with such reverence and respect at the 2019 Florida Council on Aging annual conference. “It was like meeting the pope,” said Kenney, a vice president for Florida Blue Medicare, which partners wit [...]

Learn about your Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plan and feel confident using your coverage through our 2021 virtual member events. Starting in January 2021 and continuing through March, we’ll offer a variety of webinars on topics of interest to you. Here’s what you can expect: For 2021, we will hold our member welcome webinars <Janu [...]

One size doesn’t fit all. That statement couldn’t be more truer especially when it comes to your health care coverage. That’s why we’ve given you more options for how to pay your monthly plan premium.  It’s convenient, secure and easy to set-up. Medicare Advantage members can now make premium payments online using a credit card. You can also enter your email address when yo [...]

Turning 65 is a milestone birthday that sets the stage for important life-changing events, such as enrolling in Medicare. Understanding your options and available Medicare health plans will help you make the right choice to protect your health now and later. [...]