If you attended the June 19, 2015 Open Line Friday provider teleconference, you may have received the same messages I heard, which are, as a provider I really need to be getting ready for ICD-10. With less than 103 days to go, get your own house in order and focus on your internal processes; select your top three or so payers and test ICD-10 coded claims with them. We are all seeing the [...]

Some of us may be hearing noise about more legislation to further interrupt ICD-10.  The media is picking this up and it may have some provider’s attention but most stakeholders are confident these efforts will gain no traction, not at this point in time and not with no or such little political backing.    So the important thing to realize here is that many of us accept we’ll see ICD [...]

Here we are only five months from implementing ICD-10 and our latest Provider ICD-10 Readiness Assessment results indicate that about 35% of small practices are not yet ready for ICD-10. About 26% have indicated that they are not planning to test with their payers - and many believe they do not need to test! In a few cases, practices reported their vendor told them they do not need [...]

With nearly six months to the ICD-10 implementation date, one may gain a number of valuable takeaways from our March 20, 2015 Open Line Friday ICD-10 teleconference. These include how the ICD-10 readiness picture has improved according to WEDI’s latest 2015 survey; how the costs of implementing ICD-10 have decreased from former estimates to where the cost is averaging a [...]

In light of the recent U.S. Energy and Commerce Subcommittee’s hearing on ICD-10 implementation, and the positive energy we are observing around moving forward with ICD-10, some things became clear to me during our Feb. 20 Open Line Friday teleconference that practices may seriously want to consider:   Do not bank on another ICD-10 delay – current events are indi [...]

It’s not every day that a Florida Blue Employee gets to speak on Capitol Hill. For George Vancore, Sr. Manager- Delivery Systems, this became a reality on Feb. 10, 2015. George was invited to testify in front of a committee on ICD-10 readiness and implementation on behalf of all payers. So wh [...]

Although two main guest speakers were called away unexpectedly from attending our Jan. 16, 2015 Open Line Friday teleconference, there was no shortage of valuable interchange that pursued about the costs of implementing ICD-10 and more.  In this session, we heard further detail about what was and what wasn’t considered in a national ICD-10 implementation cost study, what s [...]

We all know what you get when you do the same thing over and over, and hope to get a better result: you never do. It’s for that reason that Florida Blue decided to leverage social media not only to attract more participants to our monthly “ICD-10 Open Line Friday” teleconference but to engage more physicians and providers in getting prepared for ICD-10. At first, we did little more than [...]

No one wants to report a revenue loss or disruption to your CFO or to your principal practice physician. When it comes to implementing ICD-10, we hear about a potential risk for revenue interruptions and shifts - up to 10% and beyond. Payers, facilities, practices and other entitles whose goals are to successfully adopt ICD-10, are engaging early in ICD-10 testing. They are discovering what and wh [...]

WEDI’s most recent ICD-10 industry readiness survey has exposed some encouraging information about the industry’s state of ICD-10 readiness. Simultaneously, survey findings remind us that many are still behind for the mandate and there are remaining dependencies (i.e., clinical documentation) needed to be entirely ready on Oct. 1, 2015. Whether you consider this good news or bad, CMS, v [...]