If you currently DO have coverage…. Step 1:  Review you current situation. Has my family circumstances changed?  Do I have more or less income to pay for health insurance? Is there any change in my family’s health conditions Step 2: Read through your current health plan. Are the benefits changing for 2017? Is the month [...]

The Affordable Care Act makes health care available to more people. For many, this will be the first time they’ll use a health insurance plan. Health insurance, like many other things in life, has terms to describe certain thing [...]

If you attended the June 19, 2015 Open Line Friday provider teleconference, you may have received the same messages I heard, which are, as a provider I really need to be getting ready for ICD-10. With less than 103 days to go, get your own house in order and focus on your internal processes; select your top three or so payers and test ICD-10 coded claims with them. We are all seeing the [...]

Picture this: You get a call from your child’s school and the news is not good. Your youngest has the flu and needs to go to the doctor. You make arrangements with your boss to leave early and race out the door to pick up your kid and cross your fingers that the doctor’s office is able to squeeze [...]

Sometimes it only takes a gentle nudge to make you aware of a health issue. And awareness can lead to action. To raise your consciousness about a wide range of health issues, log in at FloridaBlue.com, then click the Health & Wellness tab for a menu. Here are some awareness topics coming up in the next few months: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March): Every year, about 1 [...]

At Florida Blue, one of our goals is not only to assist in keeping you and your family healthy, but also educating you along the way. We hope this information will help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the plans and services that work for you and your budget. Our Health Insurance 101 section has 7 great re [...]

Things have changed a lot since the government passed the health care reform law — the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially for people who didn’t already have health insurance. For a deeper dive into health care reform, check out the resources below: What is Health Care Reform? Because of the ACA, most people are required to have a health plan. The good news is th [...]

When you have big changes in your life, you have 60 days to get a health plan or mak [...]

How Health Insurance Works

Posted on Feb 12th 2014 by Florida Blue

Health care is something all of us need at some point. No one likes getting sick or hurt. Having health insurance will pay for preventive services and a part of the cost when you’re sick or hurt — sometimes a big part.  Here is some information on how health insurance works! The Basics of Health Insurance [...]

Florida Blue mobile app has been given a fresh new face! Now it’s even easier to find health care information on the go. All of the convenient features that our members use regularly are still available. After log in, the features below are personalized based on each member’s plan: My Coverage Find a Doctor [...]