Sometimes it only takes a gentle nudge to make you aware of a health issue. And awareness can lead to action. To raise your consciousness about a wide range of health issues, log in at, then click the Health & Wellness tab for a menu. Here are some awareness topics coming up in the next few months: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March): Every year, about 1 [...]

At Florida Blue, one of our goals is not only to assist in keeping you and your family healthy, but also educating you along the way. We hope this information will help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the plans and services that work for you and your budget. Our Health Insurance 101 section has 7 great re [...]

Things have changed a lot since the government passed the health care reform law — the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially for people who didn’t already have health insurance. For a deeper dive into health care reform, check out the resources below: What is Health Care Reform? Because of the ACA, most people are required to have a health plan. The good news is th [...]

When you have big changes in your life, you have 60 days to get a health plan or mak [...]

How Health Insurance Works

Posted on Feb 12th 2014 by Florida Blue

Health care is something all of us need at some point. No one likes getting sick or hurt. Having health insurance will pay for preventive services and a part of the cost when you’re sick or hurt — sometimes a big part.  Here is some information on how health insurance works! The Basics of Health Insurance [...]

Florida Blue mobile app has been given a fresh new face! Now it’s even easier to find health care information on the go. All of the convenient features that our members use regularly are still available. After log in, the features below are personalized based on each member’s plan: My Coverage Find a Doctor [...]

You might see yourself in the same “before” state as the members who were interviewed recently in a video about their knee replacement surgery at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. If you have struggled with your mobility, inched your way up stairs one painful step at a time, or simply given up doing the things you love to do because of knee pain, you should know that Florida Blue has a special arrangem [...]

Before you make a purchase, you might be like so many others who turn first to the web to learn about your options. Whether you’re shopping for a new sofa or something more complex, like health insurance, you generally have a sense of what you want. But it might take someone with in-depth knowledge to help you make your final selection. That can be especially true when considering your range of op [...]

Not long ago, Caroline posted to Facebook to tell her friends about her experience dealing with a health scare. Instead of dwelling on her frustration in trying to find a diagnosis for her symptoms, Caroline sang the praises of our own Brad Behr, a Florida Blue service representative, who was able to give her the right customer support for her health care needs. "I would just like to [...]

Sometimes a visit to your local Florida Blue Center is more than worth your time. Here's a great story of helping member's save money using the Florida Blue Center. Mr. B stopped in the Winter Park Florida Blue Center after he learn [...]