We are implementing an extended grace period through May 31, 2020 for customers unable to pay premiums as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis that would otherwise have been subject to termination of coverage.  The grace period applies to Affordable Care Act, Medicare Supplement, and other individual health plan members, as well as most of its employer group health plans. In addi [...]

The impacts of COVID-19 are playing out all around us. Schools have gone to online-only classes, store shelves are practically empty because people are stocking up and major public events are being canceled as a way to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. [...]

Florida Blue is adding a free-to-member virtual care partner, Teladoc, for seniors and others on its Medicare Advantage plans, and waiving the virtual care copay for many commercial and Affordable Care Act members to encourage use of Teladoc if it is offered as part of their plan. Additionally, during this crisis, Florida Blue’s network of primary care doctors and specialists wi [...]

Now that your new coverage is in place, start the year on the right foot by making an appointment for your checkup. Your health plan may include one yearly checkup with your primary care doctor—and it’s the easiest way to start using your health plan. This visit is $0 if you purchased your own health coverage for you or your family, and it includes bloodwork and ro [...]

Whether it's comparing prices or visiting one of our Value Choice Providers, take advantage of our money-saving tools! These particular services are specific to Florida Blue members under the age of 65 years who purchased a health plan on their own or through their employer. Compare Me [...]

We understand that each person has unique health care needs and that navigating the health care system is not always easy. We’ve set up specialized care teams and personalized services to make it easier to manage your health and maximize your health plan benefits. We call it your community of care. These particular programs and services are specific to Florida Blue members under the age of 65 y [...]

If you're under the age of 65 years and you purchased a health plan on your own or through your employer, your online account and the Florida Blue app are your 24/7 connections to benefits, ID cards and more.  The first time you log in, we'll give you a tour of your account, revi [...]

By now, many of us have moved on from our New Year’s resolutions. Not because we nailed them, but because we didn’t. That happens for many reasons. Sometimes the goals we set are unrealistic. Other times we give up when we hit a plateau or become impatient. [...]

Life can get hectic juggling your job, family and other obligations. Before you know it, you’re skipping breakfast because you’re late for work, grabbing fast-food for dinner after your child’s soccer game and passing on exercising in the evening because you’re too tired. You tell yourself you’ll cook a healthy dinner and make time to exercise tomorrow. But that doesn’t always happen. B [...]

Getting the right care starts with finding the right doctor. Based on feedback from members like you, we have just added new features in our online provider directory, making it easy for you to find a doctor that best fits your needs. The directory [...]