Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be highlighting some of the people doing great work in Florida’s communities that make us #FloridaProud. To share your stories of people and organizations that make you Florida Proud, write a comment o [...]


Posted on May 25th 2012 by Florida Blue

At Florida Blue, we’re inspired by the work that our neighbors (like you!) do in local communities. From mentoring children, to working with at-risk families and providing care for those in need, we admire the commitment you show in your community every day. These actions make us #FloridaProud. We are #FloridaProud about the organizations we’re featuring in this week’s blog. But we want to hear f [...]

Why volunteer? With our busy lives, overbooked calendars, and limited resources, what would make you want to stop for a moment to assist someone else, or help a cause? You only need ask six of our employees, named this week as Blue Community Champions of the Year. They are Julie Engelien, Karen Fergusson, Janice Connelly, Laura Johnson, and two honorable mentions: Christy Forrester and Heather Fer [...]

What do you get with a winning score from the Orlando Magic? This year, it will be so much more than satisfied players and happy fans.  Florida Blue is proud to partner again with the Orlando Magic in the Baskets for Books program.  For every point made by the Orlando Magic at every home game, two books are donated to the [...]

The Art of Excellence

Posted on Feb 13th 2012 by Kate Warnock

  What starts as a formless mass has its own potential.   The potential to be something [...]

Embrace a Healthy Florida

Posted on Sep 9th 2011 by Florida Blue

Did you know that in Florida, 33.1% of children ages 10-17 are overweight or obese? This means Florida has a higher percentage of childhood obesity than the [...]

Random Acts of Planting

Posted on Apr 22nd 2011 by Florida Blue

On Earth Day, spread the love… The environment we live in makes a big difference in our frame of reference and our outlook on life. [...]

Celebrating 10 Years, a New Name and a Million Successes The Pursuit of Health is all about INSPIRING our friends, families and neighbors to achieve the most they can out of their lives. [...]