Today’s the day! We cannot be more excited to be celebrating 100 years of our National Park Service. The National Park Service, or NPS, was created on August 25, 1916, by Congress through the National Park Serv [...]

This Earth Day think about doing a little more, perhaps your employer offers you the opportunity to take a Volunteer Day off? Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated this year on April 22. During this day there are worldwide events to demonstrate support on ways to protect the environent. It was initially started in 1970 and now is celebrated in more that 190 countries.  [...]

The Art of Health

Posted on Feb 3rd 2016 by Marilu Cristina Flores

Did you know that for several years doctors and health researchers have been exploring the relationship between how the creative arts affect various health outcomes? Specifically, the health effects of music engagement, visual arts therapy, movement-based creative expression and expressive writing. While much of this dat [...]