Your health is so much more than a cholesterol reading or notes on a medical chart. Regardless of your beliefs, true well-being only comes with a healthy state-of-mind. If anyone embodies the soulful connection to health, it might just have to be Florida Blue member, John Morris. I discovered John from a tweet he sent telling Florida Blue how much he enjoyed our new “ [...]

It might be the first time that the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became real for you was the day you received a letter from us that left you thinking your policy was canceled. Here’s the good news: unless you say otherwise, you [...]

If you were tuned into your favorite national news broadcast on October 1, 2013, chances are you may have seen our Chair and CEO, Pat Geraghty, being interviewed about the Affordable Care Act and the opening of the health insurance marketplaces. Pat was asked by MSNBC, [...]

Florida Blue is proud to participate in The Way Free Clinic’s back to school health fair and is honored to support the clinic’s mission of providing care to a community who would otherwise go without. Here’s some information on this non-profit and how they’re helping families in Florida. [...]

Ken Reagan works as a campaign manager in the Marketing organization here at Florida Blue. Ken can be considered a data guy, helping to ensure promotions launch on time and analyzing their performance. Earlier this year, Ken came to work with a new passion: joining the AIDS/LifeCycle ride in California. We sat down with Ken recently to find out more about this challenging event and what he’s been [...]

A career at Florida Blue is all about finding the best solutions in the pursuit of health, not only for ourselves, but also for our families, neighbors and communities. That's why we're constantly seeking individuals with new ideas and fresh perspectives—people who share our passion and want to be partners in this pursuit. We are now hiring for [...]

Health isn't just your physical state; health includes your mental, emotional, social and behavioral aspects too.  A shining example of good overall health is the team effort put forth by the Florida Blue Foundation and the  Jacksonville Children’s Chorus (JCC). Th [...]

Not long ago, Caroline posted to Facebook to tell her friends about her experience dealing with a health scare. Instead of dwelling on her frustration in trying to find a diagnosis for her symptoms, Caroline sang the praises of our own Brad Behr, a Florida Blue service representative, who was able to give her the right customer support for her health care needs. "I would just like to [...]

Health Care Reform and You

Posted on Feb 18th 2013 by Kate Warnock

Listening to the evening news, following the trending topics on Twitter or even just talking with your friends and family, it would be hard to avoid hearing about health care reform, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). What is health care reform? And how will it affect you, your family and your health? [...]

Few things in life can compete with a perfectly ripe strawberry. Of course they’re tasty, but let’s not forget that they’re also a nutrition dynamo, helping to lower cholesterol, plus packing fiber, vitamins and cancer-fighting properties in a fat-free, low-calorie, perfect--for-holding-melted- [...]