The average teenager might think they’re invincible, and who would want to tell them otherwise? But when it comes to keeping them safe and healthy, pre-teens to college-age children still need the practical oversight of their parents or caregivers. That’s why Florida Blue has created a special six-part podcast series focused exclu [...]

Dr. Elana Schrader is fiercely intelligent, practically sparkling with her wit and in command of health care industry trends and management best practices. In her current role as Vice President of Product for Florida Blue, Elana is tasked with developing and managing a dynamic portfolio of insurance and care offerings that reflect the needs of the market. One may not imagine that she’d consider he [...]

There are certain professions where women are grossly underrepresented as leaders. This especially holds true for the science, technology, engineering and math fields (these commonly referred to as STEM), which provides context for the statistic that only 9% of all chief information officers (CIOs) in t [...]

There are gifted women in leadership roles across our enterprise. They represent a variety of specialties within the health care industry and come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. As role models and mentors for many employees, they help to shape the direction and culture of our organization. We believe in sharing our women leaders’ wisdom beyond our four walls, and are pleased [...]

Regardless of whether you operate from within or outside of the health care industry, the evolution of health care is something that impacts us all. Our interview with Craig Thomas, senior vice president of strategy and chief marketing officer at Florida Blue, focuses on one of the chief drivers of this change: health car [...]

By now, you likely have a direct connection yourself with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as the health care reform law or Obamacare. What many might not realize is that [...]

If you’re like me, you never stepped on the Jacksonville Skyway until you rode it into One Spark the week of April 9-13. And when you did, perhaps you marveled at all the people riding it with you! In case you haven’t noticed, Jacksonville, Florida is no longer the sleepy city it once [...]

You might see yourself in the same “before” state as the members who were interviewed recently in a video about their knee replacement surgery at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. If you have struggled with your mobility, inched your way up stairs one painful step at a time, or simply given up doing the things you love to do because of knee pain, you should know that Florida Blue has a special arrangem [...]

Before you make a purchase, you might be like so many others who turn first to the web to learn about your options. Whether you’re shopping for a new sofa or something more complex, like health insurance, you generally have a sense of what you want. But it might take someone with in-depth knowledge to help you make your final selection. That can be especially true when considering your range of op [...]

Nursing is not for everyone. Long hours, self-sacrifice and days that can include witnessing everything from a patient’s triumph to tragedy, means that nursing is truly a calling. In this age of health disparities and doctor shortages, nursing isn’t just a profession: it might be the solution for ensuring Floridians receive skilled health care, regardless of the patient’s income or zip code. [...]