Diane Kelley exudes quiet conviction and speaks with a measured, reflective voice.  Don’t assume, though, that our Vice President of Enrollment, Billing and Claims Administration is a woman without her passions. In our most recent installment of our Florida Blue Radio Women in Leadership series, Diane shares two: [...]

Of all the challenges children face when growing into adulthood, perhaps none is as devastating as when your child is the victim of bullying. As much as parents want to protect their kids from the humiliation and shame of being bullied, it’s a heartbreaking fact that victims often hide the truth from those [...]

Protecting your kids in the real world can be challenging enough. Protecting your kids online is a whole other matter, especially when it comes to social media sites. Yet when you consider that their safety is at stake –be it from hackers, predators, or would-be bullies – the stakes are too high for parents to turn their backs. That’s why we bring you our sixth and final episode in our [...]

Inger Loftheim is a woman leader who is as smart, kind and warm as her voice, traits that no doubt serve her well as Vice President and Chief of Staff to the Office of the CEO at Florida Blue. Her role demands that she be accessible, flexible, transparent and ninja-like in making order out of dozens of competing priorities. All that while still managing four key accounts from her former [...]

Here’s a statistic that is shocking and scary for any parent with a child at home: every day, an average of 2,000 teenagers use prescription drugs for non-medical reasons for the first time. The National Institute for Drug Abuse also reports that many teens can easily find these drugs just by searching the medicine cabinets at their own or a friend’s home. Sadly, many teens believe t [...]

Sitting across the table from Florida Blue’s South Florida Market President, Penny Shaffer, you immediately notice two things: her intense blue eyes and the intelligence shining behind them. When Penny begins to share her career journey in our most episode of Florida Blue Radio’s Women in Leadership series, [...]

On the teen-smoking front, there’s good news and bad: according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control, smoking among U.S. high school students is at its lowest rate in 22 years. Fantastic, right? Here’s the bad: each day, approximately 4,000 kids under age 18 try their first cigarette. And products like flavored tobaccos and e-cigarettes are being marketed specificall [...]

The pace of change is more accelerated now than ever in the health care industry, requiring specialized skills from leaders who have to manage – and excel – through those conditions. Florida Blue is fortunate to have women leaders like Joyce Kramzer as Senior Vice President of Business Operations to translate w [...]

Getting a driver’s license is a right of passage that can equate to freedom for parents as much as it does for the child who earned it. But when you balance that freedom with the frightening statistic that car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens, driving suddenly becomes more about responsibility than liberty. [...]

The average teenager might think they’re invincible, and who would want to tell them otherwise? But when it comes to keeping them safe and healthy, pre-teens to college-age children still need the practical oversight of their parents or caregivers. That’s why Florida Blue has created a special six-part podcast series focused exclu [...]